3 Crazy Festive Websites You’ll Love

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3 Crazy Festive Websites You’ll Love

With Christmas just around the corner, most websites can be seen adding small festive bits and bobs here and there – like placing a Santa hat on their logo or including snowflakes in the background of the home page. Some websites, however, are developed solely for the purpose of helping people celebrate the festive season. From festive browser games to turning your family members into elves in hilarious festive videos, we’ve found three of these festive websites we think you’re going to love…

NORAD Tracks Santa

This NORAD Track Santa website is actually developed by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, and is one of the most interactive websites we’ve ever stumbled upon.

The interactive banner features a 3D representation of planet Earth; a sphere that can be manipulated by hold-clicking and dragging your mouse left or right.

Santa’s Village is an interactive section where visitors can find festive online games to play, festive films to watch, Christmas merchandise to order, and information about NORAD themselves.

Apart from the above, there’s also a Christmas Day countdown timer, as well as festive music visitors can listen to while exploring the website.

Office Depot ElfYourself

Remember those crazy videos of Christmas Elves, dancing hip-hop and dressed in green and red, you receive on Christmas day?

Well, you can make your own crazy Christmas elf videos on this Home Depot ElfYourself website!

All you need to do is upload photographs of those family members you wish to turn into elves, pick your video style, and hit the download button!

You can even share your unique elf videos to social media and tag your family members for a right royal Christmas Day laugh!

Google’s Santa Tracker

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has done it once again!

This Google Santa Tracker website is planned like an online advent calendar, where a section of the page is unlocked on every day throughout the month of December.

Every day awards the visitor an opportunity to either learn something about festive holiday traditions, play fun festive games, and even track the progress of Santa as he covers the globe with presents on the evening of the 24th.

This has to be THE most interactive website we’ve seen, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from the folks over at Google!

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