2018 Web Design Predictions and Tips

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20th November 2017
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2018 Web Design Predictions and Tips

It’s that time of year again…

December rolls around, making us think about how fast the past year has whizzed by. We give thought to what we’ve achieved, if we’ve climbed as high as we’d hoped, and what the next year has in store for us.

Since Easy2Access specialises in solid web development and web design, we thought we’d proactively take a look at – and share with our followers – what we think industry leaders will be focusing on in 2018.

Want to upgrade your website and get it on trend for the new year?

Then see our 2018 web design predictions below:

Geometry & Colours

While this web design trend really picked up steam in the first few months of 2017, the experts predict that websites featuring simple geometrical features in 2018 can expect better visitor engagement.

But why though?

Human beings are attracted to simplicity, and even minimal use of simple geometrical shapes – like a slanted horizontal line versus a perfectly straight one – can really render a website appealing to the human eye.

The experts also recommend using bright, vibrant colours matched to each other through researched, planned and purposive colour theory on your website in 2018.

This means looking into which colours work well together and testing these colour combinations on actual potential customers – not your sister who’s biased – to gauge impact.

Original Photos & Graphics

Using stock photographs on a website is sooooooooo 2017!

Seriously, do your brand a favour and invest in either a great photographer – or a great digital camera.

Website design moguls predict that we’ll see a rise in original photographs and graphics being used on websites in 2018, and it’s not that hard to understand why.

With stock photos, there’s a chance that other websites could have the same images as yours. With your own photographs, and original graphics designed by your own staff, you know your website is 100% unique and made up of your own content!

Experts also recommend incorporating elements of line art on your website’s landing pages for maximum visual appeal.

Interactivity & Social Networking

Other than the ‘call to action’ buttons and contact forms, how many interactive elements does your website offer visitors?

Experts hail interactivity as one of the most important web design elements moving into 2018. It makes sense – people don’t just want to see and read your website content – they want to interact with it; influence it; play with it.

If nothing else, add interactive elements to your website’s banner. This is the first thing people see when landing on your site, and if it hooks them – there’s a better chance they’ll have a browse through the rest of the website.

Finally, make 150% sure you link ALL of your social media accounts to your website. The web design moguls share that a website without social networking integration in 2018 will be a website ignored.