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9th February 2018
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15th March 2018
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Lit Online Marketing Trends 2018

With the number of global internet users having more than doubled in the last ten years alone, online marketing has become an integral part of businesses, big and small. In order to keep up with the competition, your business must have a significant online presence, be engaged with its customers and keep their data secure. Thus offering your customers a safe and enjoyable experience with your brand. Every interaction with your audience, whether face-to-face or digital, is an opportunity to grow your business and bolster your unique identity.

Going Mobile

Statistics show that 51.92% of web traffic is now mobile, and this marginal but significant dominance over desktop usage illustrates the move that most are making towards mobile devices.

To draw in these mobile users to your online platforms, you must be present, engaging and understand the platform’s worth as a tool to create connections with customers; to nurture and grow them into loyal members of your community.

Live Videos and Social Media

Live videos, like the ones you find on Facebook are projected to generate $70.05 billion annual revenue by the time 2021 rolls around! Live videos have a decided advantage over other online marketing trends for a few reasons:

  • People are moving away from text and towards videos.
  • Followers are notified when you start a live video, buzzing them to join in.
  • Demonstrations, FAQs, behind-the-scenes, and introducing staff has never been easier.
  • Facebook users are three times more likely to comment on a live video than any other kind of post.

Further on social media, the use of online social media influencers for the purpose of marketing is growing exponentially – these social media referrals have positive results, yielding eleven times more return on investment than traditional marketing strategies.


As online shopping and browsing grows, so does the need for and use of online reviews. Google overtly prioritises businesses with good ratings, so it is in your business’s online interest to get those ratings in!

Here’s a thought:  why not combine an honest customer review with a live video, offering your audience an instant testimonial on your goods and services.

Increased Security and Privacy

Cloud computing offers a convenient, low cost solution for data storage, but comes with a common problem: security. The past year saw an inordinate number of cyber-attacks on myriad organisations. To bolster your personal online security, make use of cloud services that encrypt your data, or encrypt it yourself using a third-party tool – thus applying passwords to your sensitive information.

Data has become its own kind of currency, and as a result, certain classic phishing tactics remain alive and well. Remember those spam emails from your long-lost, filthy rich aunt? Those old scams are still prevalent today. A study by “Human Factors in Security and Privacy” forerunner Dr Zinaida Benenson illustrated the overconfidence of a group of subjects, claiming to be savvy about phishing. 20% of participants admitted to clicking the malicious link, when 45% of them actually clicked. This overconfidence can cost us thousands.

The former “trends” of the online world have become staple. Secure, mobile, instant gratification is the flavour of the year, demanding businesses to unify, be present, and protect themselves and their customers from the information rat race.