5 Considerations on the Impact of Social Media and SEO

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5th March 2018
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5 Considerations on the Impact of Social Media and SEO

Today, search engines and social media sites have algorithms set up to rank and display selected sites, pages and content on every single screen worldwide. Whilst one – whether a consumer or business owner – might become frustrated with these algorithms now and then, there are ways to capitalise on them. Businesses can optimise their websites and social media pages, which work interactively, to draw in more consumers, have more engagement, and augment their bottom line.

SEO: Growing Online Audience

Try this on for size: From 2014 to the beginning of 2017, an approximate 464 million more people joined the online community. In three years! It goes without saying that the more people online, the greater number of daily searches, the more important your website infrastructure (SEO efforts) becomes.

‘Website infrastructure’ refers to the content on your website, its relevance to your visitors, the ease of navigating your website and of sharing your information. With good website infrastructure and content, your visitors stay on your site longer, and are more likely to share. This improves your search engine ranking and therefore improves your SEO… So, improving your SEO improves your SEO? I know right.

SEO: Return on Investment and Generating Interest

Did you know that 50% of mobile searches lead to a store visit in one day? With good SEO, your business and offerings can be found more easily, leading to more views and inquiries, and a 2:1 ratio of store visits! This statistic illustrates the impact of good SEO on your bottom line.

Furthermore, SEO is much cheaper to set up and maintain than other paid advertising/marketing paths. SEO is generally a more sustainable solution with regards to return on investment as well. That’s not to say that one should cut paid methods out, as their concurrent use is highly beneficial; SEO is simply the cheaper foundation upon which paid ads are built.

Even further, SEO is a scalable solution – businesses of every size can make use of this function to their hearts content and are not necessarily at a lower standing than their competitors.

SEO and Social Media: Working Together

We know now that good SEO brings more visitors to your website and the better your content is, the more shares you get. But get this: the more Facebook and Twitter shares you get, the more credible you appear to search engines, the better your website’s ranking, and the better your SEO. Once again, good SEO breeds good SEO. You might be noticing a pattern…

Social Media: Expanding Your Client Base

Many businesses have realised the potential of social media to expand their following and clientele. With social media presenting as a conversation-based, not product plugging based, platform, positive word of mouth does wonders for one’s ranking. Further, global opportunities have never been easier, with geographical borders acting as little to no deterrent to overseas consumers.

Co-promotion between businesses, particularly small, is another organic way to grow one’s following, given that your co-promoters followers trust their opinion, and are likely to follow you as well.

Social Media: Retaining your Clients

Social media has made customer relationship management a real-time experience, strengthening relationships and loyalty through instantaneous engagement. As mentioned, positive word of mouth has broken the geographical barrier, with approximately 88% of online shoppers using online reviews to inform their decisions. Doesn’t that make you want to run a Facebook review campaign right now with your followers? On top of that, studies show that internet users who follow a brand on social media are more likely to buy their products again! As much as social media draws new clients to your business, it also acts as a mark of their loyalty to your brand.

In essence, the future is online, mobile, SEO and Social Media based. Good SEO breeds better SEO, and social media shares can directly impact your website’s ranking. With this in mind, business owners should take the necessary steps to optimise their online presences, so as to augment their clients’ experiences and bottom line, too.