5 Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate Now

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5 Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate Now

a black tablet held by two hands with ‘connect’ and social icons on the screen

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eCommerce is big money, and it only looks set to increase in both popularity as a business model and preferred shopping methods for customers. If you currently own an eCommerce enterprise but are struggling with your conversion rates, fear not. The following tips for increasing eCommerce conversion rates are here to help!

What is a Conversion Rate?

 The first step is increasing your conversion rate is understanding what it is. A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your online store who then turn into customers, by completing an action such as buying a product or service. When your eCommerce store stands out and has a high conversion rate, it shows how successful every aspect of your eCommerce venture is; the marketing, the products or service, the web design, the ease of using the site, and more. A high conversion rate means people want what you offer, and what’s more, they want to come back. Of course, boosting this rate is crucial for any eCommerce store, but particularly those who are falling behind. How do you do so? Below are five tips for increasing eCommerce conversion rates.

  1. Improve Product Descriptions

 Your product descriptions are there to not only tell potential customers what you offer but also why they should buy it. You should, therefore, take time to create compelling product descriptions. Set a tone of voice, and make sure you carry it throughout your site. Make sure the tone of voice takes into account your target audience. While you may enjoy using slang terms, will your audience understand them?

To craft product descriptions which make their mark, tell a story. Modern audiences like to know why, rather than what. If you can create an engaging story for every product, your conversion rates have a great chance at rising. Ensure you offer a snapshot of the product before writing a longer segment on the specifics. A great way to do this is to use a dropdown menu, where customers have the choice of what information they read; bullet points of key specifications and a rich description answering any questions a customer may have.

  1. Reduce or Eliminate Delivery Costs

Delivery costs may be beneficial to your bottom line, but do your customers appreciate them? High shipping costs have, in fact, been quoted as the number one reason why carts are abandoned, so if you can, aim to reduce delivery costs as much as possible in order to persuade customers to buy from your eCommerce store. It may be worthwhile to offer discounts for bulk orders or free delivery over a certain cart price. 

  1. Create a Quality CTA Button

Your call-to-action button is ultimately what your potential customers are going to click on before purchasing from you. It needs to be clear, defined, and grab their attention quickly. While it may seem enough to place the CTA button at the bottom of the product description, it does need to feature in a more prominent position on the page. eCommerce giant, Amazon, places their CTA in a sidebar on the right of the screen. It’s incredibly easy to spot as soon as you click on a product, meaning customers don’t need to search for the right button to add to their cart. Make sure your CTA button is visible quickly by customers to boost your conversion rates.

  1. Display Contact Details Clearly

The beauty of eCommerce is that customers can shop from wherever they are; at home, on the bus, at work. However, this does reduce the ease of speaking to a member of staff to query a product or service. To boost your conversion rates, you need to display your contact details clearly. By doing so, your customers will trust your eCommerce store, and they will trust you will answer any questions they may have. This creates loyalty and a good reputation, which works to further increase your conversion rates.

  1. Try to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

As mentioned above, delivery costs are often the number one cause of cart abandonment, but what else can contribute to this? Cart abandonment can happen due to several reasons, including shipping, distraction, site speed, and more. If you want to increase conversion rates, you need to reduce these as much as possible. Boost your site speed so customers aren’t frustrated when they try to check out and the site is slow and lagging. Make your cart page as clear as possible; try to avoid overpowering ads and bright, confusing colours.

Aim High & Reach Your Goals with eCommerce Solutions from Easy2Access

Conversion is key for all eCommerce enterprises. Without a great conversion rate, you risk customers turning to competitors for their needs and leaving you behind. Work on increasing your conversion rates with the above tips for increasing eCommerce conversion rates, and you stand a very good chance of going far. Chat to us now to find out how we can help you boost your online sales today!