7 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

: 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

So, you’ve just struck gold with a new concept and you want to bring it to the world. One of your first steps of action is to choose and secure a shiny new domain name for your company. This may, at first, seem like a straight forward task, but it is a complex process that could be the difference between the success and failure of your golden concept. In the real world, your website can be thought of as your shopfront and your domain name would be the neon sign above your door.

What Do I Need to Know Before Choosing my Domain Name?

Choosing your great domain name comes with guidelines that will help you get recognised, be found faster and help you avoid not being found totally by the result of user error. We have outlined the best practices and tips below to make choosing the perfect domain name a breeze.

1. Shy Away from Hyphens

Occasionally your ideal domain name may not be available but that does not mean you should add a hyphen to the name. In such instances, consider other domain extensions such as .co.za, .biz, .durban – or it might be a signal that you should rethink your business name.

2. Avoid Wordplay

In the current age of the internet, buzzwords and jargon have been greatly popularized such as with companies like Toys R Us, Netflix and Krispy Cream. The pronunciation remains the same, however the spelling is not accurate. This can negatively affect your presence and the possibility of being discovered. If you are a large company with a substantial marketing budget, you are less likely to be concerned or affected with the above as opposed to a smaller enterprise.

3. Therearenospacesbetweenwords

Domain names do not have spaces between them and this can create unintended results. A company that specialised in the resale of IT goods had the domain name itscrap.com, when looked at, could mean two things.

4. Where Do You Operate?

If you are a local business operating only in a specific city or province, even perhaps country, you may want to think about adding that geographic name to your domain name. This will help potential consumers instantaneously know where you are based, and it will also help with SEO.

5. Use Industry Keywords

International businesses and local businesses should consider adding a keyword based on your industry, as this again, will help with SEO and for the benefit of potential consumers. You can also use this tip to get a top-level domain when your first choice was already snapped up. E.g. www.EasyComputers.com

6. Check Social Media

When you select your domain name, be sure to search the availability of that name on social media. Ideally, you should aim to maintain consistency between your domain name and your social media handles.

7. Cover All Your Bases

Once you have made your decision and purchased your domain, consider buying the same name but with other domain extensions, as well as buying out common misspellings of your domain name, which can then be redirected to your main website or domain. The benefit of this is that if customers input your domain incorrectly, they are still referred to your website. Another benefit is that you limit the possibility of someone else copying your domain name or worse, imposters pretending to be you.

Your domain name is a very important part of your overall business strategy and should be given due priority. Not picking the right domain name can have dire, long-term consequences on your brand, so don’t risk it. You should now be able to board the domain train with everything you need to make your business journey smoother. Chat to Easy2Access for more advice on domain names, domain extensions and optimal website design and management practices.