7 Traits of Successful Marketing Campaigns

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16th May 2019
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Marketing is essential for every business, yet great marketing is crucial to really make your enterprise stand apart from the rest. The world of business is growing daily, which is why getting your name noticed (for the right reasons) can make the difference between success and failure.

The Winning Marketing Formula

Creating a marketing campaign is only one step; making sure it’s successful and reaches its goals is another. How do you do this? Follow the seven traits below, and you stand a much higher chance of finding success.

  1. SMART Goals

Whether it’s a goal in our personal life or our professional, goals give you something to work towards and keep you on the right track. For your marketing campaign to be successful, merely setting a goal isn’t enough. You need to set a SMART goal, which needs to take into account the following points:

  • Be specific

  • Be measurable

  • Be attainable

  • Be relevant

  • Be time-bound

When crafting your campaign, keep these points in mind. Be as specific as you can; what precisely do you want to achieve? Do you want an extra 1,000 followers on Facebook, or do you want to convert as many leads into customers on a particular product?

Furthermore, make sure you can measure the progress, such as analysing sales data and social media analytics. Don’t set a goal which is too difficult to achieve, as this is a sure way for your team to lose motivation. Additionally, create a timeline for progress, and set a deadline date to give yourself something to work towards with your team.

  1. Knowing Exactly Who Your Audience Is

How can you target the people you want to without knowing who they are? Market research is a critical step in creating your marketing campaign because it will show you who interacts with your brand currently, and who would be interested in doing so in the future. What’s more, market research will show you where your target audience is, such as mainly on Facebook or Instagram, and it will even highlight key stats. These stats include their demographics; age, location, marital status, and more. The more defined you are, the easier it will be to create something outstanding.

  1. Engaging Content

Content is the cornerstone of every marketing campaign. Whether it’s the statuses you publish on social media, newspaper ads, or video content, every piece of content needs to be carefully considered. From the language to the images used, this is where knowing your target audience comes into play. By understanding who they are, you can tailor the language to them. After all, an older audience on Facebook may not get hashtags that a younger audience on Instagram would understand.

Not only is content essential for hooking in your audience, but it’s also crucial for SEO purposes. Without implementing this vital technique, you will not reach the heights of the first page of Google. Unfortunately, if you aren’t here, then the chances of your audience scrolling through the next five pages is extremely small.

  1. The Right Campaign Distribution

A successful marketing campaign must be easily found; otherwise, it won’t have the impact you need it to have. Carefully consider where you are going to distribute your campaign. Social media is one of the most important places to post your campaign. Not only will your target audience see it, but you have the chance of being shared and going ‘viral.’ While this is a great goal to have, be aware that going ‘viral’ is actually very rare and may only happen once your followers exceed a certain number.

  1. Add in an Offer

You can have the greatest content in the world, but what truly grabs the attention of readers is a great offer. Perhaps this could be a buy-one-get-one-free offer or a refer-a-friend offer. Whatever works best for your product and service, and will bring in more revenue, try it out. A great option is to send specific emails to target groups, split-testing the offer within each. By doing so, you will see from the data acquired the offer, which is most popular and be able to tailor your campaign further. Email marketing isn’t an old-fashioned method. It’s still as popular and useful as ever.

  1. Use a Range of Media

This point has been briefly touched upon, but using a range of media is highly recommended. Nowadays, your audience is too busy to read reels of text, no matter how amazing the content is! For this reason, harnessing the power of video marketing is essential. By creating a range of videos, which you can share on your social channels and website, you will more effectively grab the attention of your audience. Great video content can include tutorials, product sneak-peeks, and introducing your audience to your team.

  1. Utilise a Great Call-to-Action

A call-to-action must feature in your marketing campaign, and it can feature in a range of ways. It could be a click-through rate to your website or signing up for your newsletter. Whatever action you want your audience to perform, make sure you entice them into doing so. Use subtle but persuasive language and show it clearly on your marketing material. For online material, create a button which stands out in the content to highlight to the audience that they need to click here, for example.

Easy2Access is the Marketing Partner You Can Count On for Results

Successful marketing campaigns often feature a set of key traits, such as the seven above. By being aware of these tips for successful marketing campaigns, and being able to implement them in your next campaign, you stand a better chance of grabbing the attention of your audience and converting them into customers. Contact us to find out how we can add value to your business today!