Best Practice for Your E-Commerce Site to Stand Out

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13th June 2018
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Best Practice for Your E-Commerce Site to Stand Out

Designing and running a successful E-Commerce site in the 21st century is the new normal. More and more of the retail world is realising the value of an effective and well-designed E-Commerce site, or that an online store can easily run just as well as a physical store. With that influx to E-Commerce in mind, we advise on some best practice tips that can guide you to your web development goals. As a successful digital marketing agency, Easy2Access have know the best practice for your E-Commerce site to take the world by storm.

Unique and Brand-Friendly Homepage

The homepage of your E-Commerce site is arguably the most important part of your business. The best practice for your homepage is to have imagery and bold text that hooks consumers immediately and explains the benefits of your product to them. Your unique selling proposition (USP) should be reflective of your brand’s personality and thus convincing to the consumer.
Avoid cluttering your homepage with too much text, colour and movement. White space is an important part of every design, and web development is no different!

Mobile-Friendly E-Commerce Site

At this point, it is common knowledge that any site not optimised for mobile use is facing a disadvantage. A mobile-friendly E-Commerce site is likely to bring in more traffic and, therefore, sales than its desktop-only counterparts. There are numerous advantages of an E-Commerce site that is optimised for mobile, including:
– Higher ranking results in search engines
– Favourable public opinion of mobile-optimised brands
– Mobile use is fast outstripping desktop use, and is more accessible globally

Easy-To-Use Search Function

Any website but particularly an E-Commerce site needs an efficient search function to augment its user-friendliness. Make it as easy as possible for a customer to pop in to your site and find what they really want. Best practice includes text search options, filters by category and price, and overall clear layout of search results.

Tailing on to this point, Easy2Access highly recommend having a clear and easy-to-use navigation plan that allows customers to view their desired category without having to sell their soul to any unfriendly entities.

Helpful Product Information: Best Sellers, Stock and Reviews

A best practice for your E-Commerce site is to make use of a design theme that highlights your best-selling products with a banner or badge, which lends credibility and a form of social proof to your E-Commerce site.

To further augment the social proof of your site, it is recommended to include product reviews and a star-rating system for every product you sell, allowing users to verify the quality of your products and make informed decisions.

We advise an E-Commerce site makes it known when certain products are out of stock, so as to avoid disappointing customers who hunt the product down and only realise they can’t have it when they have whipped out their credit card. This tip gives you a good opportunity to include a “Let me know when its back in stock” function to encourage customers to join your mailing list!

If you would like to improve your E-Commerce site, create a brand new one or simply chat about how our agency can exceed your marketing expectations, contact us! We want to keep you updated on all the best practice tips we can so that you, too, can achieve your goals. Check out our blog posts for more informative peaks into the digital marketing universe!