How We Can Help to Grow Your Business

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How We Can Help to Grow Your Business

Is your business growing? We’re talking about the type of growth you see when more people are visiting your website, liking your social media content, and ultimately visiting your store to make a purchase. Business growth of this variety can be achieved with a few internet marketing and website development services, as more and more people use their smart phones or computers to research and purchase the things they want. So, here’s how we can help to grow your Durban business…

Website Hosting

If you’ve got a business website, you’ll know that to keep it live and findable on Google requires website hosting services. Essentially, you pay a company to ‘host’ your website domain ( on their servers. Without website hosting, your website won’t be accessible via the internet. Our Easy2Access website hosting packages start at R49 ex. VAT per month, all of which include the following services as standard:

  • Registering of your domain name (for new websites)
  • Hosting of your website on our highly-secure servers
  • Setting up new email addresses (as and when needed)
  • Providing world-class email and hosting support
  • Nightly backups to ensure safety of critical information.

Website Development

Website development can be understood as the actual construction work that goes into building a new – or improving an existing – website. As you grow your business, so should your website grow and improve along with it. You could always partner with a regular internet marketing and web development company and you’ll get the regular website development treatment. Or you could partner with a website development company that can build completely custom, unique, one-of-a-kind websites from scratch! Our website development services include:

  • Custom website development (from small apps and basic websites, to custom CRM systems)
  • CMS website development (WordPress, Joomla)
  • E-Commerce website development (enables website visitors to buy online)
  • Responsive website development (optimised websites for browsing on smart devices).

Search Engine Optimisation

Now that you’ve developed a stunning, unique business website and you’re with a hosting agent that isn’t ripping you off, the next phase is to optimise your website so that it has the best chance of being found on search engines like Google and Yahoo. This search engine optimisation (SEO) is performed by specialists that research keywords people are using to find services like yours. By using these keywords throughout the website, people will find your business website when searching for the keywords, and if they like what they see – there’s a good chance they’ll turn into a lead.

Find out more about how SEO works and the benefits thereof on our E2A website!

Social Media Management

Once you’ve found a suitable host for your business website, you’ve developed it to stand out from the crowd, and a talented copywriter has optimised your website’s content for the search engines – the next step is to actually market it! With effective social media management from Easy2Access, your brand can really come to life and gain a following in the digital space. Leveraging social media platforms for lead generation is a non-negotiable business practice these days, and we’re highly skilled at doing just that! Here’s how we can grow your business with social media management:

  • Setting up of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • Researching & designing graphics for social media uploading
  • Optimising social media posting times and days for maximum effect
  • Increasing social media followers instantly
  • Running targeted social media marketing campaigns.

Google PPC Marketing

Over 5 billion searches are performed on Google every… single… day! For this reason, experts suggest that if your business isn’t using PPC marketing by now – it really should be! With Google PPC marketing, we are able to show online adverts of your services and products to specific people, at specific times, in a specific geographical area, who are searching for specific things that relate to your business and its offerings. This is by far the fastest means to get your business onto the first page of the search engines’ search results.

Discover just how Google PPC marketing can grow your business on our website!

Content Marketing

So, you’re considering taking the above steps to boost your business online. Great! There’s just one more thing to do and that’s content, content, content! Website content refers to anything added to the website – be it images, extra copy, or blog articles. By regularly updating your website with fresh content, you’re showing the search engines that your business is relevant and operational, which improves your online ranking. Here’s how our marketing team can grow your business with content marketing services:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly industry blog article development
  • Monthly content amendment and improvement on all website pages
  • Writing product description for e-commerce websites
  • Developing new pages with content as and when needed.

Internet Marketing and Web Development in Durban

Before you get in touch with us at Easy2Access for your FREE WEBSITE ASSESSMENT, feel free to check out our web development portfolio – you’ll recognise more than a few names we’re sure! It’s our business to grow your business, so why not make contact today and see how we can help you with that!