Digital Marketing Resolutions for a Better-Ranking 2019

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14th December 2018
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Digital Marketing Resolutions for a Better-Ranking 2019

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The start of a new year is by most as the perfect time to forge new habits, set up new routines, and capitalise on the positive vibes that seem to float in the air around this time of year. The beginning of a new year is indeed a great time to launch new projects, as well as get stuck into ongoing concerns, such as digital marketing.

The new year marks the start of a new cycle in digital marketing, wherein new trends and passing fads will crop up and work to either augment or detract from your online marketing regime. We encourage businesses big and small to start 2019 off right with a strong, stable digital marketing regime that keeps up with current trends, as well as works towards new and exciting goals.

To kick it off, we have put together a couple digital marketing resolutions you should stick to this year to further your brand, increase your sales, and continue making the world a better place.

Prioritise First Impressions

We all know and understand the importance of first impressions, and this concept extends further than a simple firm handshake in 2019. How your business appears online plays an incredible role in attracting new customers, piquing the interest of online prospects and bolstering strong customer relations with your existing patrons.

Your website is typically the first thing your prospects consult when looking for the products and services you provide, and as such, you should start 2019 off right with a revised website. Focused, uncluttered content is the name of the game for 2019, and all extraneous material that remains on your website merely distracts the user from your core messages. Slim down the content on your website to streamline users towards making a purchase.

Not only should your web content be refined and highly useful to the user, but it should also be presented in a highly attractive format. Web design is as important as ever, and if you feel that your site is not looking as fresh as it once did, it may very well be time for an overhaul. We highly recommend starting with a review of your logo, site navigation, colour schemes, fonts, imagery and written content. Need a little help getting it right? Give our specialists a call.

No More Slow Site Speeds

Three seconds is all it takes to frustrate a user and send them in the direction of your competitors. Slow site speeds are a modern-day deadly sin when it comes to creating a seamless online experience, and as such, you should be incredibly concerned whether yours is sending users away.

The speed of your website has a direct impact on your conversion rate as well, so a subpar site could literally be costing you money. Trimming down the content on your site can go a long way towards increasing your site speed, but the best results are achieved by a web solutions specialist who can work out the kinks and optimise your site for desktop and mobile site speed.

Jump on the Video Content Bandwagon

Last year, we spoke about the rise of video content, and 2019 looks to be no different. Video content is proving increasingly popular as an easy and digestible way to consume content in a fast-paced modern environment. In fact, video content can increase your conversion rate, as studies show 90% of users are more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video about it.

Video content is projected to constitute around 80% of all consumer internet traffic by this year, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index. With that much traffic set to be consumed via video, any business would be foolish to neglect this ever-growing trend. Entertain, educate and inform your users this year with visually stimulating and audio intriguing content.

Existing Customers are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Acquiring new customers is never a bad thing, but many businesses tend to neglect their existing customers in the name of generating leads. A customer that has already been acquired and ushered down the conversion funnel really is worth their weight in gold, costing five times less to maintain than it costs to attract new prospects.

Existing customers who experience consistent and careful customer care are more likely to try new products and refer friends and family to your store, making them an invaluable marketing tool that you have already acquired.

Customer retention can be improved in a number of ways, particularly through effective customer relationship management, stable internal business processes, and thorough engagement online and instore.

Is your CRM System working for you? Check out this blog by Software Dev on the many benefits you can derive from a custom CRM System that suits your business.

Google Analytics is Your Best Friend

Google Analytics is not to be overlooked as you head into the new year: the efforts you put into your digital marketing should be monitored, measured and analysed to work out what is working, what isn’t, and how you can improve your online tactics to improve engagement, reach and of course, profit.

With insight into who is visiting your site, where they spend the most time, and how they even got there, you can adjust your marketing campaigns to capitalise on your business’s strengths. You can gain some insight into which metrics you should be paying attention to, and why, in this blog.

All in all, your digital marketing regime should be working for you, not you for it. With these digital marketing resolutions, you should be able to take 2019 by storm with a simplified, more attentive and more engaging online presence. You can check out our blog for more interesting and informative articles, and for any help you may need, don’t hesitate to contact us.