How AI is Changing Social Media Marketing

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7th August 2018
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How AI is Changing Social Media Marketing

Artificial intelligence is a concept that has been taking the world by storm in recent months, as more and more people realise that it is no longer a futuristic sci-fi idea, and rather a near-tangible reality that will soon be creeping into all areas of our lives. Easy2Access want to explore the implications of AI on social media marketing so that businesses everywhere can understand how artificial intelligence can change and improve their online marketing strategies.

AI Can Create and Curate Content for Social Media

Content marketing is the ‘big thing’ right now, and AI is set to automate and streamline the entire process for us. Whilst AI may not be able to write a blog post for you, it is able to create content with set templates and data.
Artificial Intelligence can tailor content marketing to users based on the data it collects from a customer’s search history, interests, previous purchases and more. This kind of data allows the AI to tailor content to each and every customer, as opposed to current market segmentation techniques.

Image Recognition for Improved Marketing and Insights

Identifying consumer behavioural patterns will never be easier than with AI. Software empowered by Artificial Intelligence will be able to scan millions of images posted to social media networks to identify a company’s product and how it is imaged, used and spoken about. This provides invaluable insight into consumer behaviour and allows marketers to identify promotional opportunities and marketing opportunities across a broad spectrum of users, demographics, interest groups, geographic areas and social media sites.

Excellent Email Marketing Customisation

With AI, email marketing will reach unprecedented heights. Email marketing is already highly effective, largely due to personalisation according to geography, demography and more. However, artificial intelligence would allow email marketers to go deeper than these segments!
Artificial Intelligence could analyse each recipient’s behaviour towards previous emails: which product pages did they view, which links did they click, which videos did they watch, and so on. This information can be used to tailor each and every email sent out to the individual recipients’ previous behaviour, quickly and accurately.

The possibilities of AI are practically endless, and a vast amount of automation, customisation and analysis can be achieved in the social media marketing industry with its help. We can’t wait to see just how this technology impacts our field for the better and assists us in delivering effective online marketing solutions to you.