How Do Online Reviews Affect SEO?

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How Do Online Reviews Affect SEO?

E-commerce is still on the rise and myriad businesses are realising the importance of good online marketing practices. More and more effort is being focused on increasing search engine optimisation (SEO) to round out a successful digital marketing campaign. Online reviews have recently gained popularity among consumers, and as such, they are implicit to SEO best practices. In the following blog, we explain how online reviews affect SEO and in turn, your bottom line…

What’s In an Online Review?

First and foremost, online reviews are a wonderful way to gain credibility in the online sphere by ensuring consumers that your product or service is tried, tested and recommended. You may wonder what impact the word of a stranger can have but you may be surprised by the answer. A survey conducted in 2017 by BrightLocal reported that approximately 85% of consumers said they trusted online reviews of a business as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.

Changing Consumer Behaviour

Believe it or not, consumer habits are changing with regard to online reviews. In the past, shoppers who encountered great online reviews would head straight to the company’s website. Unfortunately for your website’s traffic, this behaviour is in decline, but the alternative is equally beneficial to your business: consumers who read positive online reviews are a lot more likely to get in touch with your organisation directly, whether it be over the phone or in person.

Conversion Rates Impact Search Engine Rankings

As online reviews imbue your brand with a sense of credibility, more online consumers will flock to your website and eventually increase your conversion rates. This is not only beneficial to your bottom line, but to your SEO ranking, as search engines factor in conversion rates when ranking websites. In this way, online reviews have entered into a positive proportionality with great SEO and high conversion rates.

Unbiased User-Generated Content

Whilst the copy on your website is meant to cast your products and services in a positive light, online reviews are unbiased, real-world opinions. This revealing look into your business’s offerings makes for a great social media marketing campaign, as a personal account of a product or experience is much more compelling than sales pitch after sales pitch.

Long-tail Keyword Traffic

Given that a reviewer has undoubtedly purchased your product or service before, the language and terms they use are likely to similar to that of your target audience: more people who will purchase your product. As such, a flow of online reviews increases your traffic for certain long-tail keywords thus benefiting your SEO practices.

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