Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Website the Perfect Business Tool

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26th May 2015
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Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Website the Perfect Business Tool


The aim of having a business website is to not only attract visitors, but convert those visitors into customers.

Know what your customers want

You will always have an advantage over the competition if you understand what your customers want. In day-to-day business dealings your clients will often communicate their problems, challenges, loves, and hates. Clients are the best measure to understand exactly what they are searching for. Interact with your clients as much as possible on social media or “face to face” and adapt your products or services accordingly.

Ensure your website is professional

A website is often a visitor’s first impression of your company. Ensure that your site is professional, easy to navigate and up-to-date.

Make your website a clear “Call to Action”

What will your visitors do when they visit your website? Ask yourself if they will understand how to contact you or buy online from you. What do you want people to do when they are on your site? Do you have a blog or newsletter that you want them to sign up for? Establish a clear “Call to Action” or motivator for potential clients.


Including prices for high-end corporate services or luxury goods won’t normally apply but if you are looking to attract private individuals, then including prices on your site can be a good idea. Publishing your prices reassures those who can afford it. If you are selling a service, you could publish different package structures to suit every budget.


If you’re selling products online, include details about the product. Factors such as the benefits, size, cost, shipping costs, weight, delivery times, as well as payment methods and refund policy need to be transparent and clearly detailed. Providing as much vital information as possible will create a good, honest impression to visitors about your business and products.

Mobile Friendly

South Africa is a mobile country, with the vast majority of internet users browsing on smart phones. Your website needs to be designed with these devices in mind. A mobile-friendly website will adjust according to the device being used with simplified content and targeted calls to action that direct the user to easy checkout buttons or “one-click” options.

Content is still “King”

Keep your content updated, relevant and interesting for your audience. Your visitors want to be engaged with content that is informative, motivational and will address their needs.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a way of increasing your website’s ranking naturally or “organically”. Search engines such as Google are constantly trawling and deciphering sites to ensure that they give users results that are relevant to their search. The search engines will rank your website according to its relevance, usefulness, mobility and responsiveness. SEO should be performed regularly for optimal website performance.

Social Media Exposure

Many businesses have discovered the power of Social Media when it comes to driving traffic and business to their websites. Social Media is also the perfect way to promote your company and encourage visitors to engage with you about your products or services. Remember to include your website link on your social media profiles.

Contact Information

Your website is your business card. Don’t make potential customers have to search for your contact information. Always have your contact information, such as contact numbers, email address and physical address, clearly visible.