How White Hat SEO Can Keep You Out of Trouble

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How White Hat SEO Can Keep You Out of Trouble

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In today’s ever evolving and frighteningly competitive online world, there are techniques being used by optimisers that go against the standards of Google. The reason they do this is to get a quicker upper-hand on their competitors with very little effort. This is called BLACK HAT SEO. These techniques are frowned upon, as they are nothing but quick fix solutions, short term, and ingenuine through and through. The alternative to black hat SEO is, of course, WHITE HAT SEO.

Before diving in to the nitty gritty, what exactly is WHITE HAT SEO?

White Hat SEO Explained

In essence, if you do all of your SEO the way Google has prescribed and are always in line with the terms and conditions of major search engines, you are a WHITE HAT SEO optimiser.

White Hat SEO improves your search engine ranking without compromising the integrity of your website, and thus producing a reliable, long term SEO solution. Black Hat SEO, on the other hand, is underhanded, not user-friendly, and compromises your website integrity. If spotted, your Black Hat SEO techniques can lead Google to immediately penalize you.

The WHITE HAT SEO gurus are the good guys. The ones that actually care about your brand and absolutely hate spammers (BLACK HAT SEO).

The Importance of White Hat SEO

There are a whole host of reasons why you should choose the WHITE HAT SEO way of life, one of them is keeping your websites integrity intact. Should you partake in BLACK HAT SEO practices, you could ultimately have your site banned from Google, as well as other search engines.

It truly is not worth it! Just think of all the potential customers you are missing out on because you thought taking a shortcut would help. Remember, just because Google banned you, doesn’t mean they will re-list you either.

Additionally, Black Hat SEO is notoriously keyword-stuffed content that is not very use-friendly nor enjoyable to read. Its White Hat counterpart is composed of even, well-presented content that creates a pleasant user experience. In this way, White Hat SEO is more attractive to your users.

Facets That Google Respects

There are many attributes of WHITE HAT SEO that are in line with Google requirements, and because of that, ranking occurs. White Hat SEO aligns with Google requirements by including varied keywords that are dispersed evenly throughout your website content, not loaded in clumsily. Furthermore, White Hat SEO vouches for rankings with longevity and trust, thus keeping your business ranking for longer.

Quality Content is Still King

When trying to drive traffic to your website, content is still King. Your content can both be share-worthy and link-worthy, as long as you make sure that your content is extremely relevant and has no grammatical errors.

Black Hat SEO optimisers buy links, stuff their content full of keywords no matter how clumsy, and all manner of deplorable actions! A big no-no!

Keywords, and How to Use Them

Keywords hold a lot of value when used correctly. Bearing in mind that keyword stuffing is a BLACK HAT SEO technique, and is greatly frowned upon by Google, the use of long tail keywords is permitted (in fact, it is continually suggested). Keyword stuffing refers to the overuse of keywords on a website page. Think of pronouns: he, she, we, them. We don’t say things like “Johnny went to Johnny’s room to play with Johnny’s toys, but when Johnny’s family came in, Johnny’s family took them away”. No! We substitute Johnny’s name with relevant pronouns to reduce repetition.
It is similar with keyword stuffing: you do not cram as many keywords in a sentence as possible.

Backlinks and Domain Authority

If other sites are linking to you, it is seen favourably by Google. This means your content is of a higher quality than other domains, and your site can be trusted by most users to deliver on its promise. Something to keep up to date with is the domain authority of the domains linking back to you.

The All-Powerful Meta

Meta descriptions are a pertinent part of the WHITE HAT SEO techniques. The meta description of your site is the first couple of sentences that appear in the SERP’s under your page title. The best meta descriptions consider how a user will react to them, and produce a desired action, such as entering your website. BLACK HAT SEO focuses more on search engine readings. Simply put, don’t keyword stuff your meta descriptions, either.

Some Downfalls of BLACK HAT SEO Techniques

  • More Expensive
  • Very Risky
  • Technical Knowledge Needed

Final Thoughts: Why Google Rewards Long-Term Strategies

Google and its AI are evolving at a rapid pace, and although BLACK HAT SEO techniques serve a short-term goal, Google favours long-term strategies. The penalties being put on websites are becoming more sophisticated and the effects on your website are nothing short of devastating.
In a world where everybody who cannot answer a question exclaims the phrase ‘Google it’, you and your website cannot afford to not be indexed by Google. Honestly speaking, BLACK HAT SEO techniques are a sure-fire way to kill your site, and all the authority it has collected with it.

Are you ready to adopt WHITE HAT SEO techniques? Contact us today!