Improper Email Marketing Can Cost You!

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28th May 2018
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Improper Email Marketing Can Cost You!

In a modern environment, it is important to stay connected to your client database on a plethora of social media platforms, as well as traditional platforms, to ensure your brand is being embodied every step of the way. That said, there are some rules to follow for those campaigns, particularly email marketing. Improper email marketing campaigns such as bulk mailing from Outlook can be hazardous to your reputation and end up costing you customers.

Impersonal Email Marketing Campaign

Sending bulk emails from a programme such as Outlook can be seen as bad manners, especially if all of your recipients’ email addresses are displayed. Essentially it is an invasion of privacy and is a quick and easy way to upset most of your database.
Of course, with a programme like Outlook, you as the business can’t track reporting such as whether your mails have been delivered, bounced, opened or clicked on. This means you will have no idea how you email marketing campaigns are doing or if they are benefiting you at all.

Bad Manners Bring Blacklisting

The much larger risk with improper email marketing is that you may get blacklisted!
Let’s say you send out a bulk email to 500 people, and a few of these people weren’t expecting it so mark it as spam… When enough people have complained, the tally racked up by your internet service provider prompts them to report your IP address for your mail server to one or more blacklists.

All mail servers use blacklists as their first defence against spam accounts. When a mail arrives at a server, a lookup is done against the blacklists and if you have made it onto that list, the mail is rejected and no one receives it. Furthermore, it is not a simple process to get taken off a blacklist.

Your business’s domain reputation and the IP address of your office’s server are negatively impacted and your recipients tend to lose trust in you and your brand.

Team Up with an Online Marketing Agency

Return Path – the world’s leading email certification and reputation monitoring company released a Global Email Deliverability Report that revealed 1 in 4 commercial emails didn’t reach their intended inboxes. Couple this with improper email marketing techniques such a bulk Outlook emails and you are set to dwindle your database and damn your domain.

You can safely and properly keep your database up to date on your latest products, services and specials by teaming up with a professional online marketing agency such as Easy2Access. Our tailor-made email marketing campaigns are sent through dedicated applications that ensure full delivery, up-to-the-minute tracking features and happy clients!

Team up with us at Easy2Access so we can help you realise your modern marketing dreams! In conjunction with our awesome email marketing services, our agency offers a comprehensive range of online marketing and web development expertise to brand and market your business in the online sphere. Contact us to chat about how our services can make a difference in your digital endeavour.