Increase Domain Authority on Your Website

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18th October 2018
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Increase Domain Authority on Your Website

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“Oh goodness, one more thing I have to worry about”, is what you are probably thinking right now. This is going to be one of those intro’s where we say don’t stress, but definitely spend some time reading this blog so you can level up your SEO.

There are a plethora of different metrics and factors to consider when dealing with your search engine ranking, one of which is Domain Authority. This metric is particularly important to Google.

So, What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a metric that was developed by Moz which evaluates the legitimacy and trustworthiness of your website by looking at factors such as the number of inbound links your site receives from other trusted websites. The more trustworthy your website appears to a search engine, the higher it will rank.

In short, the higher your domain authority is, the higher the likelihood of your website earning a higher search engine ranking and ultimately better traffic. It’s a pretty good indicator of how well your website is performing in comparison to your competitors.

Wait, How Do You Calculate Domain Authority?

Moz calculates domain authority by using a scale and scoring the website through an algorithm. The scale is from 1-100, with 1 being the worst. Take note that 40 – 50 is considered average, 60 is considered good, and over 60 is excellent. In our next blog we will elaborate on how exactly Moz calculates your domain authority, as there are over 40 check points. For now, lets get into how you can improve yours.

A Domain Authority Report from Moz

Let’s Get into It!

When your main goal is to improve your search engine rankings, there are many ideas on how to go about doing it. We say, put some time and effort into this, and watch the numbers change.

Where to begin? The first point of call, is your Domain Name.

How to Pick A Domain Name

If you are starting fresh, you’ll need to sit and think about what sort of domain name will be the more relevant to your website. Now, before we continue, if you already have a business name registered and your brand is well known, then the name of your domain will be easy. If you don’t have all of that in place yet, just make sure your domain name makes sense.

Make sure it is easy to remember! Another little trick, is buy an older domain name so you don’t have to make a domain age. If you already have one, however, make sure it has been renewed for at least 3-5 years.

Now that you have sorted out the first step, time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

On Page Content – Please Optimise Me!

This means title tags, image alt tags and the content itself. One factor you must really consider is the font you use on your site. Especially for the larger portions of text. Sans-serif fonts are always a safe bet. Make sure you have variations (synonyms) of your keywords and keep all of your permalinks short and sweet.

Now that you have content, we need it to be linkable.

Linkable Content

In a nutshell, if you are sharing relevant content on a regular basis, that is a really well written and informative to boot, the chance of another authoritative site linking to it increases. Phew, that was a long sentence, but you get the point.

So, you have other sites linking to your site, but what about your site internal link structure?

Improve Your Websites Internal Linking Structure

There is way too much focus solely on external linking. The importance of a proper internal linking structure is so often overlooked, and yet it is where you should have started. Internal linking refers to including links to various pages of your website, throughout your page content. For example, after writing a blog about a certain product or service, you should add a link to that blog ON the product or service’s page! Without a proper internal linking structure, the user experience of your website is in turmoil. Additionally, internal links make it easier for search engines to index your entire site.

Now that you have sorted out your links, are they all good links?

Some Links Are Bad News

Sometimes, we go a bit overboard with our link building, hoping that the more backlinks we have, the better our chances of ranking. Well, you are right, but those links must be links from good sources. If you are linking to bad sources, that may end up hurting your domain authority, and that won’t help you reach your goals. Stay away from any site that seems a bit dodgy!

Once you have rid your website of untrustworthy links, you’ll want to make sure your website is following the current trends.

Mobile Is Indexed First

Something we have mentioned time and time again is the importance of having a mobile friendly website. With Google recently stating that they will be indexing mobile first, this is something you cannot ignore.

Looking to optimise your website for mobile? Click here to contact us and we can get your site up and running.

Now that you have most of the building blocks in place, how are you fairing with your content against your competitors?

Be the Authority in Your Niche

The only way this can be achieved is through consistently creating magical content, and engaging with your followers on social media. A trick you can also try is reaching out and doing guest blogs on other sites that are relevant to your industry.

With all of this in place, the last step is to make sure that your website doesn’t fall below the three second rule.

Website Speed is King

The three second rule: If your website does not load within 2 seconds, on the third second, the user will leave. Page speed is extremely important, and if not monitored, your bounce rate will sky rocket. Learn more about bounce rate in this E2A blog.

Time to Recap

From the above, we can see how important it is to boost your domain authority. Especially now, when the digital world is evolving at a rapid pace and industries are becoming saturated with marketing information. It does take time and determination, but if you are conscientious, the rewards will be reaped.

Don’t have that kind of time? Give us a shout and let us turn your business into THE business in your industry.