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Influencer marketing is a relatively new form of advertising, particularly in the online marketing sphere, and it is already proving to be very effective. Celebrities have long been used in marketing campaigns for various brands, but influencer marketing differs in that the influencers themselves are “real people” that have developed a rapport with their audience, a two-way conversation thanks to social media, and are consequently more trusted by the people. Whilst three percent of people would consider purchasing a product that was endorsed by a celebrity, a whole thirty percent would purchase a product on the recommendation of a non-celebrity influencer, such as a blogger!

Today, we will explore how and why influencer marketing is said to attract higher quality customers and how this new form of online marketing can benefit businesses one hundred-fold.

Prepare to Get Great ROI

Influencer marketing generates a fantastic return on investment for its marketers, specifically, an average of $6.50 for every $1 invested! The vast majority of businesses that have invested in influencer marketing campaigns have received pleasing results, and thus discovered a very cost-effective marketing technique.

Growth Is Fast and Furious

Various online marketing specialists have named influencer marketing as the fastest growing channel for acquiring customers!! Organic search makes a close second, with trusted email marketing coming in third. Whilst organic search and email marketing are long-standing, trusted forms of online marketing that are proven to yield results, influencer marketing is a fresh new way that companies can bring life to their marketing campaigns with the surety that they will gain good results.

Trust Is Earned

The modern audience, particularly on social media, is incredibly sceptical of brands and the marketing techniques they employ to influence or exploit them. Smart marketers have to circumnavigate this suspicion by employing the help of influencers that their target markets already trust and engage with regularly. Not only can brands pinpoint their target audiences but they can communicate with them in a way that they feel safe, and not exploited.

How to Choose an Influencer?

Brands should conduct a lot of research before connecting with influencers for marketing purposes. Brands should concentrate on the traits of their selected influencers, and choose one whose audience is committed to them and whose values reflect their own.
Consumers like to relate to influence that:

  • Remind them of themselves
  • Seem well-rounded
  • Show passion
  • Spoke openly

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