Is Live Streaming Good for Digital Marketing?

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30th August 2018
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Is Live Streaming Good for Digital Marketing?

As far as online marketing techniques are concerned, live streaming of video is a fairly new development, and has already proved to be invaluable to online marketers and their clients. Live streaming is a new outlet that businesses can use to drive traffic to their websites and thus increase their sales, and offer a multitude of other benefits compared to traditional content marketing strategies. In 2016, the live streaming video industry was already worth more than $30 billion, and it is set to near double in the next couple of years.

Live Streaming Creates Active Engagement with Viewers

Live streaming is an extremely efficient at encouraging user engagement with your content, as the format itself creates a feeling of excitement, immediacy, exclusivity and connection between the creator and their audience.
Live streaming offers a holistic experience that is altogether different from television and traditional content marketing in the following ways:

  • Live streaming can be created and consumed on the go, therefore has high mobility.
  • The medium generates more excitement and a fear of missing out within the audience.
  • Live streaming allows for multitasking across devices.

As far as increased engagement is concerned, live streaming has already become popular in a number of formats, all of which tempt users to actively engage with the live content. To assist you in your future live streaming endeavours, try the following high-engagement formats:

  • Q&A Sessions
  • Product launches
  • Behind the scenes
  • How-to workshops and seminars
  • Discussions

These formats all encourage a pleasing amount of reciprocal action!

Live Streaming of Video is Surpassing Normal Video Content

Standard video has become an integral part of successful social media campaigns, as one third of the average person’s online activity is spent watching video content and the very same content is likely to receive 1200% more shares than text and image messages combined.
Coupling this with the never-ending drive towards mobile device usage, and you have yourself a live and mobile marketing experience that is sweeping the globe.

Save Resources with Live Streaming of Video

Live streaming of video content is a great online marketing strategy for a number of reasons, and we will name just a few. For starters, live stream is expected to be a natural, in-the-moment screening of casual content, therefore it does not incur high production costs. A large portion of video advertisements can be replaced with live streaming videos, and generate a much higher return on investment!
Secondly, live streaming of video content is much less time-consuming, as the extensive preparation, editing and post-production process is eliminated. Live streams can be launched and acted out on almost any social media platform and voilà: your live conversation has begun.

Should I Use Facebook Live Facilities?

Facebook Live is one of the best ways to stream video content, given its mass of monthly users and user-friendly applications. Facebook has around 2 billion monthly users, approximately 360 million of which make use of Facebook Live. Of that number, approximately 80% of users would rather watch a live video in the app than read a traditional blog post!
Many social media platforms offer a live video streaming application, and we highly recommend incorporating it into your online marketing solutions to supplement good SEO practices and social media campaigns.

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