Is your Website due for an update?

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7th October 2015
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24th November 2015
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Is your Website due for an update?

Is your Website due for an update? Is it accurately reflecting your business, increasing engagement, encouraging calls to action and getting you business? If not it may be time for a website revamp.
You can have the most attractive website but if you are not getting the required results something needs to change. It’s like having a beautiful restaurant and no patrons.  A website is a constant work in progress and needs to be “tweaked” from time to time. This does not necessarily mean that you need a complete new website. A few changes and added features over time can help increase your rankings and sales as well as engage an audience. Let’s discuss some features that are crucial for a successful website.

Check your sites conversion rates to determine where your customers are coming from and if they are converting. A clear call to action will have visitors signing up for newsletters, enquiring about products, requesting a quote or buying your product. Whatever purpose your website serves there needs to be clear call to actions to get you the required results.  CTA’S are what converts visitors into customers. If there is a high drop off rate and no action than chances are you are missing this factor.

The content on your website should capture your visitor’s attention. Engaging and informative content partnered with attractive graphics entices visitors to stay and explore the site. Ensure that your content is easy to find, appealing and accurately reflects your company’s culture. A good content strategy can also improve your SEO campaign.

Consumers are browsing sites from their mobile phones and if your website is not geared for mobile devices you will simply not be found. A mobile friendly website can be viewed easily on multiple platforms as the site automatically adjusts its layout for any size screen. This ensures that visitors can view your site anytime on any device. Today’s users will not browse sites that are confusing or difficult to navigate. They will browse sites that are responsive and user friendly.
Over time your business goals, products or service offerings may change and that is why it’s crucial to ensure that your website design aligns with any changes in your business or current marketing strategies.

Does your website need to be updated? If so contact our team to find out how we can help your website bring you business.