Kick Start your Business Year with PPC Marketing

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24th November 2015
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Kick Start your Business Year with PPC Marketing

Welcome to our first blog for 2016. Did you know that you can kick start your business year with PPC marketing and achieve fantastic online results? PPC is just one of our mainline marketing initiatives that will help your brand, product or services stand out from the rest.There are a few “must dos” to ensure that your PPC ads target an ideal audience, generate traffic to your website and increase conversion rates. Whatever your line of business ensure that when users click on your PPC advert they will be directed to a dedicated and relevant page on your website. Effective PPC ads have targeted keywords which tie in with keywords on the landing page. It’s no use directing potential customers to a general homepage. This could harm your ad quality score as well as conversion rates.

Be creative with your ads. Make them interesting as well as to the point. You want your ad to entice people to click on it. Remember to regularly check and test your ads so that you get a feel for which campaign and ads have been working best.

Site-link extensions are essentially additional landing pages that you can show users when serving an ad. Be sure to include a short description. This information lets users have an idea where they will be directed to should they click on the ad.

You can also set up your Google PPC ads to run during a set time during the day.  You can choose which times you want adverts to run, run more or even less frequently. Over time you will be able to determine which time gathers higher traffic and/or more conversions.

Re-marketing lists enable you to reach customers who have previously visited your website. What better way to keep your products or services visible to users while they are browsing. These visitors would have been to your site before and so will be familiar with your product or brand. You will be able to bid higher for those that have previously been active on your website rather than visitors that left your website immediately.

Another clever feature known as Topic exclusions lets you pre-select topics that you do not want your company or products to be associated with. Your ads will thus not show up on non-appropriate sites. Negative keywords and exact match prevents your ads appearing to people whose searches may not be relevant to what you are advertising. For example if you are selling used vehicles you will want to prevent people who are searching for new vehicles from clicking on your ad and then leaving your website.

No matter what your business or what time of the year it is Easy2Access can integrate PPC ads into your 2016 business marketing plan – helping you achieve targeted results.