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PPC Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management

Google AdWords has become an integral part of many companies’ online marketing strategies. Making the most of your PPC campaign can be an extremely effective way to target specific users and get great results instantly.


Your PPC campaign is one that needs to be monitored closely and often. You want to stay ahead of the competition and optimize your PPC campaign accordingly. Optimizing your campaign by changing keywords and/or changing your ad, as well as monitoring the progress on these changes can really give you more “Bang for your Buck”.


What about ad extensions? These can really work in your favour as they look more appealing, have additional important information about your company or product and give users the opportunity to view a specific or popular product of yours easily and quickly. An Ad with an extension has been found to be more visible than standard ads and will generally have more clicks. You will also be able to check exactly when your ad extension is appearing and this is why it is crucial to monitor your keyword quality as well as your cost-per-click bid.

Targeting specific users can be accomplished with exact match keywords. You will be able to include exact keywords in your ad but will still be able to target users searching for similar variants. Investigate popular search terms or keywords using the handy Tools tab.  Say, for example, you are selling solar panels. Users may search your product using words such as “solar heating”, “solar power” or even “solar home electricity” but your ad will still be displayed to them. If you have a tight budget, exact match targeting is ideal as you will have a click through rate of people specifically looking for what you offer. You get to decide if users will see your ad with either exact word searches or with similar variants. No wasted clicks!


Have you ever tried remarketing? A remarketing campaign will make your ads visible to users that have already visited your website. Remarketing is cost-effective as there is generally a lower cost-per-click and a higher CTR or click-through rate.

Thinking of making some changes to your PPC campaign or wanting to know how a PPC campaign can help your business? Contact our team today.