The Mobile Friendly Checklist

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10th Feb 2017
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The Mobile Friendly Checklist

According to this report, 69% of people globally between the ages of 18 and 39 use mobile devices to research products or services before they commit to a purchase. The world is going mobile, and as your clients change their search habits online – so should you be adapting the way you offer your services on the internet. The above statistic is all the proof you need that optimising your website for mobile devices is more important now than ever before! If your website, when displayed on mobile devices, features any of the following errors – Google could be ranking your website in a negative light. Let’s have a look at the mobile friendly checklist, and some small changes you can make to ensure your website is fit for the mobile search arena…

Your Website Loads Slowly

A website that takes an age to load is a big no-no when it comes to search engine ranking. Google suggests that your website needs to load properly and take no more than three seconds after clicking on the link. In South Africa, with our reduced internet speeds as compared to first-world nations, companies should aim to have their website load no more than five seconds after the link is clicked. If your website features many graphic elements, loading speed can be further reduced thanks to inferior processing abilities in mobile devices.

Nugget of E2A Wisdom: Avoid using videos and super high resolution images on your web pages.

Your Body Text is Too Small

Other than graphical elements and your general brand persona, the copy – or actual paragraphs of text – on your website is how you communicate with your clients. Think of it as a one-sided visual conversation you have with every person that reads the copy on your website. If it were a face-to-face conversation, and you spoke extremely softly, your client might not hear what you’re trying to say. The easier your website copy is to read, the ‘louder’ your message will be to readers. Ensure that your font size is large enough for visitors to read with ease by checking the copy on your own mobile phone.

Nugget of E2A Wisdom: Every time you update content on your website, check its readability on your mobile phone as soon as it is uploaded.

Your Links are Difficult to Select

One important aspect of mobile searches to keep in mind is the way in which people actually navigate websites on their mobile phones. Most people either use their thumbs or their pointer fingers to scroll through content and select elements of interest, which means that more space is required around a clickable element to actually select it with a fingertip. A computer mouse is able to click on one pixel, while a human finger makes contact with multiple pixels at once. Keep this in mind when laying out both your clickable and non-clickable elements on your website.

Nugget of E2A Wisdom: Speak to us about getting your website in line with Google’s mobile friendly guidelines.