Online Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

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1st December 2018
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Online Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

Boney M soundtracks are playing overhead, and as annoying as they may be to you, they are definitely getting you into the holiday spirit. Or are they? Something often forgotten around this time of year is your online audience, and how you can continue to reach them during the holidays. How are you ensuring an effective holiday message reaches your potential customers?
Did you know that last year, during the November/December period, sales exceeded $690 billion, with 20% of those being purely online sales? Now is not the time to rest. In fact, it is time to employ some of these online marketing tips…

Why Haven’t You Started Your Holiday Marketing Yet?

The truth is, if you haven’t already started, you’re a tad late. Put simply, if you don’t allow the accumulation of data, and a lot of data at that, you’ll never really learn what is best for your market. There is a general rule that states you should market a specific theme at least 42 days ahead of time. This allows your customer to make impressions, and slowly start to internalise your message.
When it comes time to buy their gifts, your audience will remember your posts and think, “I wonder if I should add that to my cart?”

Keep Your Strategy Diverse

There is more than one platform to promote yourself on, and if you haven’t already tapped into those, you’ve missed out on a lot of potential clients this year. With that said, this time of the year is the best time to try mix up your current marketing strategy.
Have you ever considered the below?

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Shopping ads
  • Facebook advertising
  • Outreach and native advertising
  • Instagram advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Social media posting/strategy
  • Remarketing

How Well Versed Are You with Your Customer Journey?

Are you a master of the conversion funnel? Are you aware that your users will take multiple avenues before deciding whether or not to purchase? Your potential customers are much savvier than they used to be. They will do price checks, and judge your marketing efforts more harshly.

This means you need to work that much harder to convince them of your product or service quality. What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Capitalise on these differences in your marketing, without being explicit or alienating.

There are ways and means of helping your customers along their customer journey, too. WME Group say you can use these features to assist them:

  • Display remarketing
  • Abandon cart emails
  • Offer free shipping
  • Other promotional codes/offers

Don’t Forget About Last Years’ Customers

Email marketing can really be your friend during this time of the year. People are hopelessly creatures of habit, and planting a seed may be all they need to buy from you again. Email marketing is proven to be one of the most effective forms of online marketing with a large return on investment, so perhaps a holiday newsletter will help you out? Contact us and we can set one up for you!

Have You Got Your Promotions Ready?

What is the silly season without silly savings? How are you going to make yourself stand out from the competitive crowd? Remember, when it comes to promotions, it’s all well and good that you are offering a savings of some kind, but does it pander to a problem the customers have? Are you offering a solution to holiday madness? Think about how you can best serve your customers by saving them time, or money, or inspiration.

E-Commerce Stores: A Gift Guide Perhaps?

If you are an e-commerce store, then this is the tip for you. You can literally streamline your users shopping experience by creating a shopping list for them, full of recommendations and reviews, and even stocking fillers to round out their purchase. Essentially, you want them to land on the website, and buy all their Christmas presents in one place.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

We all know that mobile purchases have increased, and you don’t want to be that company that misses out on the possible 81% return on investment through mobile campaigns. More and more users ditch their desktops for mobile devices each day, and this stream of users is going to be vital to your online success. Keep your website mobile-friendly and ensure your e-commerce site is easy to navigate from a smaller screen.

Remarketing, Kid

You should really make remarketing a priority during the November and December months, as last year remarketing accounted for an 85% increase in sales and an 80% boost in total revenue! Do you really want to miss out on that revenue? We did not think so.

Some Quick-Fire Ideas

Below are some zippy ideas for you to ponder on:

  • Send Holiday Cards
  • Have Return Policy Transparency
  • Sponsor a Local Holiday Event
  • Host A Secret Sale
  • Exclusive Downloads
  • Cross Promote with Other Businesses
  • Partner with Local Charity
  • Hand Out Hot Chocolate
  • Give Away Free Samples
  • Create A Holiday App

With all these tips, tricks and ideas, your holiday season marketing should be on top form! The festive period can be the most lucrative quarter year-on-year, and you definitely don’t want to forsake that. Too many year-end time constraints? No worries – we can take over for you. Contact us here.