13th February 2015

Points To Consider Before Selecting An SEO Company in Durban

Search Engine Optimization when performed correctly will enhance the position of a website on prominent search engines such as Google and Bing. Invest some time when looking for a SEO firm to help your website achieve a top ranking position. Many companies will make vague promises of a top position in search engine giant Google within a short period. It is essential that you know how to tell if the firm is indeed the best associate for your business requirements. The advantages of gaining higher ranking cannot be overlooked as it makes your site more noticeable to web users.

28th January 2015

Why use a Professional SEO Company?

Have you ever wondered why you should use a professional SEO Company? Search Engine Optimization, generally recognized as SEO, is the process of optimizing your score to obtain increased rankings on the world’s most prominent search engines. This will assist you in securing an improved targeted audience for your business. In the present era, some entrepreneurs will try and perform SEO themselves as they are well aware of the advantages of SEO for their business growth.

19th November 2014

Do You Love your Website?

When last did you have a good look at your Website? Do you Love it or hate it? Are you able to search for it and find it easily? Is it bringing you business? Your site should be informative, up to date, clear in detail and optimized for mobile search. Visitors to your site will want to stay on your website for longer than a few seconds if it gives them the information they have searched for.

24th October 2014

Don’t let your Website Stagnate

An effective Website that will work for you needs to be updated and not left to stagnate. Smaller businesses can really gain if they understand exactly […]
24th October 2014

Don’t let your Website Stagnate

An effective Website that will work for you needs to be updated and not left to stagnate. Smaller businesses can really gain if they understand exactly how their website can stand out from the competition.

16th September 2014

SEO and your Business

No matter the size of your business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help your business get noticed but it’s not a quick one time solution. It’s a constant work in progress.

Online marketing is the future of marketing. Traditional methods, such as print, television and radio, will continue to be used however, there will be a marked difference in the success and cost of such methods.

4th September 2014

Even a Small Business needs to Market Online

Roughly 90% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and almost 60% of consumers use Google every month to find a local small business.  If a small business is not online then it is losing out on business. This is reason enough for small businesses to market themselves online.

The market out there today is increasingly competitive and businesses need to adapt or lose out. You do not need to have a huge marketing budget to thrive and reach a target audience. Given the right marketing strategy, you can compete with the bigger businesses.

28th August 2014

Why Social media is an Extension of your Brand

Social media can be an extension of your products or services. Why limit yourself when it comes to getting your company noticed by means of a hugely popular and social medium? Not having a social media account is comparable to turning away potential customers. Social media is a great platform for giving your business exposure into previously unexplored or partially explored markets. Whilst some social media platforms are better for certain businesses than others, you should never completely isolate yourself from social media.

28th August 2014

Is Your Website an Effective Call to Action?

You may have a website that is attracting customers but, is it an effective call to action? Are customers purchasing, signing up or engaging in what you have to offer or are they leaving your website with no action?

Having a non-effective website can be likened to an attractive store with no assistants or till points.

26th August 2014

Video Marketing Is In

Video Marketing can offer your Business Brand or products a new and innovative way to get you recognized on the World Wide Web. In 5 - 10 years, will you be reading articles or watching them? This is an interesting thought to ponder as the online video industry continues to grow. By 2017, video will hold a staggering 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.

21st August 2014

Internet Marketing – another value-added service from Easy2Access

For many years, the core focus of Easy2Access has been on designing & building beautifully designed websites. More than 4 years ago we decided we would like to tackle the Internet Marketing side of our industry. Our team loves nothing more than a challenge and showing their talent. Internet marketing is still relatively new term in South Africa, but it is growing and there are internet marketing companies popping everywhere. Unfortunately, not all of these "internet marketing" companies are honourable and some people have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths. At Easy2Access, we care about our clients and we offer an all-encompassing internet marketing service.

19th August 2014

Does your Website need a Facelift?

How old is your website and is it optimized for organic rankings? Is it visually attractive, user friendly and content rich? The days of a basic and static website are over and with search engine algorithms constantly evolving eg. Google, your site may be lost and forgotten to potential customers.