15th July 2014

Website Maintenance – Is it necessary?

Did you know that your Website is an incredible tool to communicate your information, products or services to a world-wide audience?

Once your Website is created and live, the bigger job of getting it working for you still lies ahead. You need to maintain and update your website to keep it optimized for its purpose - getting your business found.  To understand this ask yourself these questions:

10th July 2014

A Mobile Friendly Business Website – Keep up with Mobile Consumers

An outdated website that is not optimized for mobile devices is not keeping your business up to date with mobile Consumers.  According to statistics, South Africa has roughly 20 Million smartphone users and this number will continue to grow as newer mobile smart devices are being introduced to the market.

8th July 2014

Have you been afraid of Google’s Panda 4.0 Update?

If you wanted to find a delicious winter soup recipe most of us would simply “Google it” and there would be hundreds of search results. Some of these results would be absolutely spot on for what you were looking for and some would perhaps contain junk poor quality content.

25th June 2014
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Are you signed up with a Certified Google Partner?

Whether you are a business owner or someone responsible for the business budget, trusting an agency to market your business online is a huge step. You want to choose an agency that will deliver on their promises and get value for your money.

As we are a Certified Google Partner this means when you sign up for any of our marketing services, you are assured of a high quality service and we will deliver on our promises!

20th June 2014

Terms & Conditions

Website Terms and Conditions of Use Relating to www.easy2access.co.za These Terms and Conditions (“the Terms and Conditions”) govern your (“the User”) use of Easy2Access (“Provider”) website […]
18th June 2014

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Isn’t it amazing that more South Africans have access to mobile phones then drinking water? There are also currently more cellphones then people. This illustrates how popular mobile technology is in South Africa. There are officially more mobile phone users then people who use radios, TV or desktop personal computers. Landline phone usage figures are miniscule in comparison, only 5 million compared to roughly 29 million active mobile phone users.

2nd June 2014

Cloud Based Computing – another dying fad?

What is it?
Cloud computing loosely translated means internet based computing. This means that services (such as servers, storage and applications) are delivered to your device through the internet. All you need to access the applications, storage or servers is a computer/tablet/cellphone, a username & password and a stable internet connection.

27th September 2013

Google Search Improved

Google, the world’s leading search engine announced that it has updated its search algorithm that controls the answers we type into the search engine. The update named "Hummingbird" is designed to work for longer, complex questions that people are searching for, especially on mobile devices.

7th September 2013

Tips to Market your Company Locally

Every business could use some fresh, new marketing ideas, and with companies constantly trying to keep up with the latest online marvels and methods (not at all a bad thing), we wanted to remind you of some of the tried and tested (but also inspirational) means of bringing in new clients. A great way is to focus on promoting your business locally.

So here are some suggestions that will help you, please keep in mind that not all will work for every type of business and that you may have to tailor these to suit your trade.

6th September 2013

Choose the Right Domain Name

You've decided to get a website, now what to call it? Your domain name is important because it is the first impression one gets of your website – before someone has even visited your website they make a quick assessment of your domain name to decide if it makes them want to visit your site.   But where to start?  Knowing what search engines and visitors want can seem impossible.  Let's make things a little easier for you.