Question: Does Gamification in Online Marketing Work?

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26th July 2018
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Question: Does Gamification in Online Marketing Work?

One of the newest online marketing techniques is drawing users in and encouraging unprecedented amounts of engagement – so much so that just about any brand should consider trying their hand at it. Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and design to your marketing techniques to gather data, increase return on investment and reach your online marketing goals. In the blog below, Easy2Access will break down what gamification is and how it can benefit your business!

What Is Gamification?

As we mentioned above, gamification is the concept of incorporating game-like elements to your online marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement and ultimately increase sales. Gamification in your business’s app plays on the idea that the average person enjoys playing a game, particularly when they could stand to win something as their progress. Thus, this online marketing technique aims to stimulate the playful and competitive spirit of the audience in order to reach a less-than-obvious goal, such as increased sales.

Gamification Entices the Newer Generations

As millennials and Generation Z make their way up in the world, more and more businesses are realising the importance of tweaking their online marketing techniques to pique the interest of a changing audience. Gone are the days when basic advertising and minimal online engagement would generate sufficient leads and eventually sales. The modern online marketing environment and its younger consumers in particular demand highly-engaging marketing content and interactions to build their trust in a brand and subsequently make purchases, which is where gamification comes in.

Gamification is a relatively uncommon method of online marketing that appeals to younger generations in its uniqueness, as well as the pleasant experience they can have whilst making their way through the sales cycle.

Gamification Encourages Continuous Interaction

Gamification is a unique way to maintain your brands competitive exposure and customer engagements without the added strain of continuous social media publishing. The latter is altogether necessary in the modern marketing environment, but gamification – when done right – can be just as rewarding.
By launching a gamified marketing campaign that offers rewards and a competitive environment (picture badges, discounts and leader boards with friends), users will engage continuously the both your brand and your product. There is an added bonus: giving users a game to play that is highly entertaining encourages them to continue using the app long after you initially entice them to.

How Gamification Can Benefit Your Online Marketing Campaigns

The proper use of gamification in online marketing can have a number of direct benefits for you and your business. Firstly, your brand receives a competitive advantage with gamification as it encourages real-time engagement. This in turn brings a level of brand trust and customer loyalty to your users, as they learn more about your brand and your values. Gamification ultimately drives a higher Return on Investment through these avenues as more and more users download your application, make purchases and spread the word of what you are doing.

Gamification may very well be the way forward for online marketing, drawing in newer, younger and more engaged customers with a drive to win and add value to their (and your) brand experience.