Rockstar Website Designs That Simply Work

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30th August 2017
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Rockstar Website Designs That Simply Work

What makes a website truly great? Most website design professionals will agree that a really stand-out website needs to be functional, informative and aesthetically pleasing – while remaining true to the brand. We’ve done some digging and found two really amazing websites, each unique in their design and functionality, as well as one website designed by us that we’re particularly proud of! We think you’re going to love these Rockstar website designs that simply work…

Big Cartel by Big Cartel

Big Cartel is a company that helps upcoming artists and creative professionals sell their services online – through their stunning website you can check out right here. An interesting video is presented as a banner when first landing on the website, with a statement written in what can only be a custom font. The website utilises a clever mix of content and large visuals to tell the story of their offerings. A simple website that simply works!

Killing Kennedy by National Geographic

With the recent passing of the 50th anniversary of the J. F. Kennedy assassination, many media outlets in the United States decided to commemorate the occasion in their own unique way. Few, however, managed to impress us as much as National Geographic did. The use of parallax scrolling, with a blend of video and audio elements, makes this informative website stand out like few we’ve ever come across. Check it out right here.

Men’s Shoe Centre by Easy2Access

Easy2Access is proud to have partnered with many blue chip organisations in South Africa, including Men’s Shoe Centre. We were approached to develop the shoe retailer’s new website, and we sprang into action immediately – developing a stunning, functional website that features interactive elements for visitors. It’s the small things that makes this website work, like the animation elements in the banner and the shoe string that can be pulled to set the shoe size filter. See the new Men’s Shoe Centre website right here.

Expert Website Design in Durban

If you’re looking for a new website in Durban, or simply looking to give your existing website a much-needed facelift, get in touch with our website design experts at Easy2Access today! For more websites we’ve developed, check out our website design portfolio. At Easy2Access, we’ll give you a website to be proud of…