SEO 2016: Trends and Techniques You Need to Know

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11th January 2016
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11th March 2016
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SEO 2016: Trends and Techniques You Need to Know

Voice Search Queries

If you’re are serious about marketing your products or services, and improving your search engine rankings, this year you need to keep a close eye on the latest SEO trends and techniques. Search engine updates and algorithm changes are all about an improved user experience. If your company doesn’t evolve with the latest SEO trends, your website is less likely to appear in search results. The upshot of this? Less web traffic and fewer leads. Read on to find out what’s trending in SEO-Land…

2016’s Key SEO trends include an increase in voice search queries, a rise in social content, video content, local search, and a surge in mobile app usage. Informative, quality content worded in a natural style is becoming increasingly important to both web and social media content. And, as Google begins to index social media posts, a company’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page will be displayed to searchers.

Voice search queries

Voice search queries are changing the way we search online and digital assistants such as Siri and Google Now will be used more frequently, especially by mobile users. Typed search queries tend to be shorter than voice queries. For example, a person searching for a packaging manufacturer may type ‘packaging company’. A voice search is usually more specific: Find a packaging manufacturer in Durban’. This will affect sites that do not include more informal or conversational long-tail keywords in their content. Optimise your site for this SEO trend and you have a greater chance of being rewarded by Google’s latest algorithms!

Voice Search Queries

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Social content

With approximately 2 billion internet users on social media networks, social content can no longer be ignored. Quality social content on sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will begin to feature prominently on Search Engine Result Pages. In fact, Google has recently started to index social media posts and we’re already starting to see Facebook and Twitter content appearing in mobile searches.

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Local search

Local Search helps searchers easily locate the nearest salon, restaurant or motor dealership from their smartphones. With Google’s Pigeon update, it’s essential that your website is optimised with location-based keywords and rich, informative content about your product or service.

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Video content

Video content is a creative way to educate, entertain and inform people about your services. Some of our local political parties are even using video content to engage voters and gain support for upcoming local elections! Regular online video posts improve a company’s organic ranking as Google chooses to direct searchers to video results over plain text results. Watch closely this year and you will see an increase in brands using powerful infographic and animated rich videos on their website and social media sites to reach out to their target audience.

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Mobile apps

Mobile app usage will continue to trend. People are spending more of their mobile time using convenient apps for navigation, banking, communicating, booking tickets, or catching up on the latest news. This software application is expected to outshine both desktop and mobile sites in the near future, so why not invest in an app for your own brand? Links to prominent mobile apps are already starting to increase some businesses visibility in organic searches.

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Mobile optimization

If you haven’t yet realised the importance of a mobile-friendly site, don’t expect to be found online! Products and services are being sought every day on tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches. Fact: Google penalises sites that are not mobile-friendly. If ignored, this SEO factor could well be one of the reasons you are not seeing traffic or an increase in ranking.

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Update your SEO strategy in 2016!

Businesses that ‘move with the times’, optimising their website and expanding their marketing strategies in line with the latest SEO trends and techniques will be the ones that experience added credibility, popularity and success. Go ahead and get creative with rich, quality content, visual content, social media and Google Maps, and be sure to keep up with future Google updates and algorithm changes.

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