The Best Ways to Use Social Media for Business

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Social media has become an unimaginably vital piece of the modern business puzzle, often making or breaking brands worldwide. There are a number of best practices that can lead your business to success, if you do them right. To fill you in, we have collated the best ways to use social media for business in the blog below, with insight from our industry insiders…

Make the Commitment

Far too often, small businesses start off with enthusiasm, posting to their various social media accounts, but their steam quickly runs out. Social media marketing is about consistent, valuable content, and without consistency, you will not concede. Select a reasonable schedule that suits your needs and time constraints, and stick to that religiously. Outsourcing to a social media manager can take care of this for you!

People Love Personality

Try to show your brand personality in each and every post. Find a voice that embodies your brand values and use it consistently to send messages to your audience. Having a tangible personality helps users to engage with you and develop a relationship. When a brand appears to understand your needs and relate to your problems, you feel ingratiated towards them.

Social Media as Customer Service

Social media has, understandably, become one of the first points of contact users make use of to get help, advice, make recommendations, complain, or query a brand. As you make the social media commitment and show your personality in consistent posts, your audience will grow, and so will your engagement. This means you will see all manner of comments asking questions, making claims and so on that you will need to address.

The down side: negative customer experiences can be put through the loudspeaker.
The up side: user generated content leaves you with myriad content ideas and organic marketing material.

Focus Your Approach

Your brand does not need to be present on every social medium. Select two to three media that work for your brand, and your target market. Facebook is an obvious first choice based on its wide reach and heavy user traffic. Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn offer different benefits to different brands. Think about the values of the site and what it is most frequently used for before signing up.

Get a Little Help

A helping hand is never unwelcome in the social media world. Working together with a digital marketing specialist is a great way to focus your social media efforts and increase consistency and brand awareness. Contact us to chat about your goals and how we can achieve them together.