The Crucial link- Web design, SEO and Google Updates

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22nd Jun 2015
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The Crucial link- Web design, SEO and Google Updates


Did you know that for a website to truly work for you there has to be a crucial link between the actual web-design, SEO and Google’s constant updates? When looking for a new website design does cost and look come to mind first? Before you opt for the cheapest of website designs you should be aware of how Google will view your site. Google constantly rates websites and will match these sites to user queries. Easy2Access builds client’s websites according to Google’s latest algorithms, latest SEO techniques and according to what users expect from a website.

Web development and SEO are crucial to a websites hits as Google wants their users to have the best possible search results. When we type a search query, Google wants to direct us to websites that are completely relevant and useful to our query. In order to ensure this, Google’s latest updates means that users are being directed to websites that are relevant and constantly optimized and updated.

Your Web design should complement and clearly convey what you actually do. You can have the most professional and best looking site on the web but if it does not accurately reflect what your company does or is complicated to navigate with poor or unoriginal content, the actual design will not be an effective tool for business.  The best type of web design will complement your content and make it simple for users to navigate your site and obtain information easily.
Incorporating your branding into the design is another aspect that we take into account for our clients. We don’t consider your branding just a logo. We work to convey your company’s unique personality or identity.

Responsive web design is also a must. Can visitors view your content on their smart phone or will they get frustrated and leave your site? With the vast amount of mobile devices being used, you will want visitors to navigate your site clearly and easily no matter what device they are using for their search.

If you feel that your current website is not delivering traffic, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.