The Evolution of Chatbots in Online Marketing

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21st June 2018
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The Evolution of Chatbots in Online Marketing

Automate Your Business Online with ChatBots
Automated Online Marketing and Customer Service is Possible with ChatBots As more and more businesses realise the indisputable importance of effective online marketing practices, organisations may find themselves weighing up the pros and cons of ChatBots. ChatBots are a relatively technology that consists of a computer programme that simulates conversation in order to automate customer service in the online sphere. This technology lends itself to numerous advantages in the online marketing sphere, as the industry follows trends of automation and personalisation of marketing messages.

Personalised Online Marketing Messages to Diverse Audiences

Send Hyper-Personalised Marketing Messages to a Diverse Group of Users with ChatBot Technology

ChatBots are a uniquely versatile technology for automating marketing messages because of their ability to support a diverse audience. Common communication barriers such as culture, language, socioeconomic status, nationality and more can all be complemented by ChatBots in a way that many humans could not, or could only be with much time, effort and money directed towards them.

Marketing techniques have long since attempted to segment consumers as much as possible into various demographic and interest groups, in order to send them personalised messages with a higher chance of success.

Various social media platforms embody this technique in their advertisement patterns, directing certain products and services more to one demographic than another.

ChatBots can send out extremely personalised messages to a wide variety of people at scale, segmenting based, perhaps, on public profile information and further so throughout the conversation. ChatBots allow their companies to learn about the user through natural language and an organic setup, in order to present them with recommendations or media that meets their needs.

Constant Availability of ChatBots

Respond to Customers Around the Clock with ChatBots in Online Marketing As far as user convenience is concerned, ChatBots in online marketing present a significant benefit: consumers can make queries, complete sales and more at any hour, and can expect an immediate response. The 24/7 availability of ChatBots improves your customer services significantly across global consumer communications, meaning that you will be remembered and likely recommended to others for future reference.

Time Saving with ChatBots in Online Marketing

Save Time and Resources by Automating

ChatBot technology allows businesses to streamline their online marketing efforts without straining their employees and resources. ChatBots can automate a number of roles that allow for the reduction of staff, or to avoid hiring new staff specifically for those roles.

ChatBots can respond to hundreds of messages quickly and easily, whilst you or your online marketing agency are creating great content for your social media sites and keeping your audience engaged.

Analytical and Feedback-Related Capabilities of ChatBots

Analytics Are Easy with ChatBot Technology Collecting Data

ChatBots are able to record data, trends and metrics so that you, the business, can monitor interactions and tailor your online marketing messages accordingly. The conversational data-collection process allows business owners to examine what their users need or want the most, and identify areas where information appears to be lacking.

As far as feedback is concerned, a study has been conducted by Michigan State University in collaboration with YouGov wherein participants were asked to complete a survey via the typical YouGov platform as well as via a Facebook Messenger ChatBot. It was discovered that only a third of YouGov surveys were completed by the participants, as opposed to the three quarters who completed the survey in ChatBot format. This illustrates a significant preference for conversational marketing and feedback messages.

Inflexibility and Ability to Refer

ChatBots are Just Computer Programmes, So Do Have Some Drawbacks A significant drawback of ChatBots is their inability to go beyond their programming. At the end of the day, these are computer programmes with as much information as possible plugged into them, but they are not humans. ChatBots may be less effective when it comes to dealing with uncommon situations and queries which may frustrate users, but at this point a ChatBot could refer the user to a human assistant who can assist them further. The time saved up until that point is well worth the occasional referral to a real person.

ChatBots in online marketing are quickly evolving the online marketing industry and driving it towards automation and increased personalisation. Online marketing and web solutions are increasingly important in the competitive, constantly changing online world, and that is where Easy2Access comes in. Our online marketing solutions are outstanding and proven to deliver tangible results for you and your business. Get in touch with us to find out how our agency can grow your business.