The Truth about Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is one of those hot topics that has started to generate a lot of myths. Many people think they know the core concepts behind digital marketing, and therefore know how to overcome challenges and lead successful campaigns. However, the truth about digital marketing can be vastly different. Take a look at the misconceptions and myths below and allow us to debunk them for you…

“All I Need Is a Good Website”

Whilst a good website is imperative to your digital marketing strategy, it is not the be all and end all. Your web presence needs to start strong and trustworthy with a website, but extend into a compelling and content-filled journey that focuses on the customer.

Your digital marketing efforts will need to extend into social media campaigns as well.

“I Will Generate Daily Content”

Generating great content that is a social media success is tricky as it is, and doing so every day is even trickier. Consistency is key, so it is smarter to set more achievable goals, like tri-weekly posts, and focus on creating beautiful and compelling messages. Enlisting the help of digital marketing specialists can help you increase brand consistency and social media success.

“Effective Digital Marketing Covers All Social Media Sites”

False! Effective digital marketing is about understanding – or learning – which social media sites your target market uses and focusing your energy therein. Websites, email campaigns, and Facebook are usually a good start. B2B companies will likely flourish on LinkedIn, whilst more engaging brands full of personality will do well on Twitter.

“Back-End Details are Not My Problem”

The back end of your website is actually where a large portion of the magic is happening. Strong SEO is the basis of your website success, in a world where Google Page 2 is considered nonexistent. SEO attracts visitors to your website by capitalizing on the keywords you use (and they search for) and ingratiates your website with google, creating a strong and trustworthy presence.

Pair this with great blogging and you’re set for success.

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