Tips for Keeping Your Office Cyber-Secure

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Office Cyber-Secure

When stories of hackers breaching a major company’s cyber defense and stealing highly sensitive data circulate, many smaller companies think they are immune. We at Easy2Access to do not take cyber-security lightly. Whether you have a site, online data, or any sort of electronic framework, you are in danger of a cyber-attack, no matter how small or big your business is. In this blog post, we conclude the top tips for keeping your office cyber-secure, as this our forte. Research indicates that almost half of the cyber-attacks are caused by human error, we hope info this eliminates that likelihood.

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1. Prepare Your Employees for Cyber Security

The best software for cyber security is a company mindset. Everyone should be vigilant, and conscious of security threats and the value of the company’s data and assets. This mindset must include social networks, as well as sharing information via email or phone. Setting up a workshop to consistently prepare workers on web security and the significance of keeping up information privacy would serve employers.

2. Set Up an Access Control System

This includes the first step to accessing all your information: Practise proper password management. Use a strong mix of characters and always avoid writing down passwords. Know exactly who has access to your systems. Renounce access to anybody not working for your organisation. Cover yourself legitimately, too, by putting in nondisclosure conditions to keep them from spilling passwords on networks with individuals you include in the business.

3. Protect & Manage Your Device

Employees should be reminded to always lock their devices and to avoid leaving devices unattended. In addition, they should be aware that malware can spread through flash drives, external hard drives, and personal smartphones, so they need to be cautious about what they plug into.

4. Avoid Suspicious Links & Downloads

This is one of the fundamentals of cyber security. Before clicking on an email link or downloading an attachment, make sure you know the sender. If anything seems suspicious or unusual, contact the person to verify if they sent the email. This includes being very careful installing anything new on your device, not all apps are harmless.

5. Work On Unsecured Networks With Caution

It’s important that employees know what they can and cannot use when on unsecured networks such as those in coffee shops. Also avoid browsing on an untrusted network, as this can lead to interception of financial, e-commerce and other sensitive data.

6. Back Data Up Regularly

The danger of a cyber-attack is not only in having financial and personal records stolen but in losing large amounts of data that is vital for running your business. Constantly backup the data on an external hard drive. Critical data must have a duplicate. This is the kind of insurance you can’t do without in the modern world.

7. Monitor Your Accounts & Update Your Systems

If anyone notices unfamiliar activity in your accounts, it’s a sign the account may be compromised. Add an extra layer of security by adding two-factor authentication to accounts whenever possible. Updating all of your systems regularly is key for staying cyber secure. You must consistently update your PCs, including work areas, and cell phones. Ensure your working system and internet browsers are a breakthrough to secure against the most recent dangers.

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Easy2Access Are Here to Assist With Your Business’ Online Security

If your company doesn’t have the strongest cyber-security measures in place, there are still things that employees can do to keep their individuals’ devices as secure as possible and protect both their data and that of any clients. Contact us for all the ways we take care of your website, your shop front to the world.