Using Social Media as a Leads Machine

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Using Social Media as a Leads Machine

Using Social Media as a Leads Machine

If you’re not using social media as a part of your marketing mix, you may be getting left behind. So how do you go about using social media for lead generation?

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How To Gain Clients Through Social Media

Easy2Access looks at some of the best ways to start using social media as a leads machine. The first step is to get smart about how your business uses social media.

1. Provide Value

If you want to use your social media marketing for lead generation, start by publishing content that can help the audience you want to reach. When you help them resolve their pain points, you’ll see that they’re more likely to take the next step with your business. Rather than directly and blatantly bringing in leads through sales pitches and self-promotion, instead, your activity should focus on building relationships through the exchange of value.

2. Maintain Your Blog

Having a blog immediately gives readers and businesses a reason to visit your website and it gives you the chance to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your field. It’s important to have good content and people are more likely to voice their opinion or ask a question if they feel comfortable with easy material, so keep your content quality high, but your topics basic. Consider a content marketing plan to make sure you’re thinking about what content will work for your audience.

3. Include Persuasive CTAs

Your target audience isn’t going to know how to act on your posts if you don’t give them direction. With a convincing call-to-action (CTA) in your social media posts, you help them know what to do and help you get them to take further action. When you’re adding a CTA to your social content, make sure the copy is persuasive enough while also being accurate about where you’re leading them. When people see that you’re offering something worth the click, they’re expecting to be sent to where you said they’d go. Don’t deceive them with clickbait but rather have a CTA that leads to something worth their time.

4. Know Your Audience

If you really want to excel in online lead generation, now is the time to start researching your customers and your competition. If you know how they use social media, you’ll have a better understanding of how they’ll want to interact with you, and where to grab their attention. Social media is all about conversations and relationship-building. If you want your social media marketing to bring in relevant, high-quality leads, you need to know who to focus your attention on and how you’re going to communicate with them.

5. Use Geo-targeted Search

We advise many businesses to start taking advantage of geo-targeted social search to uncover local leads. Geo-targeted social search can help you find the exact people and reach out to invite them to your business or direct them to a special offer lead generation form.

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6. Use Targeted Social Media Listening

Social media listening is all about keeping a virtual ear to the ground to understand what’s happening in your industry, and who’s talking about you and your competitors online. By using search streams to monitor important keywords and handles in your industry, you can uncover conversations people are having about relevant products and services, or even specific features. You can then reach out to the people behind these conversations to make a connection, share information that’s helpful (maybe even gated content), and establish a relationship that will position your brand as the go-to resource when they are ready to buy.

You are now equipped to use social media marketing for lead generation. Your content needs to provide value and include a call-to-action. Like this one:

Chat to Easy2Access & Learn How to Start Your Leads Machine Engine Today!

It’s time for you to get out there and enhance your social media marketing to produce real, qualified leads for sales. Perhaps the greatest benefit of lead generation using social media specifically is the ability to focus on highly qualified leads through advanced targeting. To gain more insight into how to take your lead generation to the next level with automation, integration and user personas, chat to Easy2Access, the lead generation pros, today.




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