Video Makes for Better Content in 2018

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5th May 2018
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13th June 2018
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Video Makes for Better Content in 2018

As a business, you can decide what you want your video content marketing to deliver – education, entertainment, inspiration and so on. From here, you can augment your online presence with content that resonates with your audience’s values, whilst refreshing your presence in their minds. Video content marketing is not about pushing sales, it is geared towards forging relationships and experiences for your followers. This relationship is seen as more ‘natural’ and less aggressive.

Story Takes Precedence

As we have mentioned, video is not a sales pitch, it is a story-telling exercise. Allowing your audience to learn about your company, employees and values via social media increases your brand authenticity, and ultimately results in profit. Connecting with your audience through shared values and emotions is proven to be more effective, as it creates a more personal connection between brand and buyer.

Furthermore, video content marketing is proven to retain 95% of the desired message, whereas only 10% of the same message is retained when seen in text! To distinguish yourself and your message from competitors, video is the way to go…

Remember, your video content marketing can still include a strong call to action at the end, but the main goal should be to deliver on the expectations you have created, by educating or inspiring your viewers.


Studies have shown that video content marketing exercises are shared 1,200% more than text and image combined! Video is guaranteed to increase your engagement overall, but there are also some nuances to get acquainted with, namely: Live video streaming. Live video streaming is cost-effective, visually captivating, and creates a sense of intimacy and exclusivity – this increases engagement by creating a ‘fear of missing out’. Viewers will click onto the video because they know it is instant and exclusive.

Furthermore, temporary videos that stay online for certain periods only create urgency, further increasing your engagement on social media. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat stories are good examples of temporary videos. The reach of your video content marketing need not be sky-high if you get awesome engagement from. These two factors work hand in hand to build your online presence.

All in all, video content marketing is already proving to be the future of online marketing adventures. Combining shared values with entertaining and inspiring story-telling will surely boost your business this year. Buyer meets brand in 2018, pushing businesses to forge relationships and have meaningful, real-time conversations in order to reach their entrepreneurial goals.