What are the 3 Marketing Mediums I Can Use to Advertise My Business?

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What are the 3 Marketing Mediums I Can Use to Advertise My Business?

Marketing Mediums

Branding and Marketing is a crucial component to the success of any business. Doing business without marketing is like posting selfies to Instagram when you have 0 followers; you know what you are doing, but nobody else does. In the 21st century, there are growing marketing opportunities that you may use to build your brand and your business, based on your objectives.

3 Effective Channels To Market Your Brand

Without a solid brand and holistic marketing strategy, you are shooting yourself and your company in the foot. In this special guest blog, we have partnered with Dezzo Branding, who have broken down the different marketing mediums available and how you can use them to build your business.

1. Use Print Media to Make a Wide-scale Impression

Print media is one of the oldest – but still effective – forms of marketing. Print advertising has, however, grown in its offerings from newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards, flyers to other forms such as promotional items which include mobile branded banners, signage, buntings and retail display stands. Print media is beneficial to your business because it has the potential to drive sales and greatly increase your brand awareness. For example, a custom branded banner at a large event will be seen by all attendees. This is highly-targeted and poignant, as people who are attending said event will likely be very relevant to your brand.

2. Use Broadcast Media to Communicate Your Business’ Message

A traditional form of marketing is broadcast media, which includes television and radio ads. In current times, the category has been extended to include screen-based digital ads. Television advertising can reach a wide audience but it isn’t necessarily highly-targeted, with high costs also playing a role. Television ads are best suited to large companies, while smaller companies can use radio in the broadcast marketing segment. Radio offers localised targeting, when advertising on regional and community radio stations which can benefit those trying to reach a geographic region. The use of screen ads is a great new form of broadcasting advertising, as it is not as permanent as billboard ads. You can change the ad you have broadcasted quite simply and cost-effectively, as opposed to reprinting your new advert design.

3. Digital and Social Media Platforms are Powerful Marketing Tools

No holistic marketing strategy will be complete without the use of digital marketing. This type of marketing was not coined until recently. It includes search engine marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. Online marketing efforts can be highly targeted, letting you appeal to specific demographics and user interests. It can even go one step further, enabling you to target users who have previously interacted with your brand through tracking. The best forms of online marketing platforms include Google pay-per-click ads, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn and email marketing.

By developing a holistic marketing strategy aligned to your objectives, you can achieve your business goals. For optimal results, each of these marketing mediums are required to be integrated in that the narrative will not only be consistent in their delivery but that your data isn’t scattered among platforms – all your tech should speak to each other through intelligent tracking solutions which can prove ROI. Have you been implementing these marketing strategies?

Chat to Easy2Access Internet Marketing and Web solutions and Dezzo Branding today for direction through your various marketing options to guarantee that your brand voice gets the exposure it needs.

This guest blog post was brought to you in partnership with Dezzo Branding, branding specialists in Durban.