What is Remarketing? (& How Can it Benefit Me?)

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing
5th July 2019
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What is Remarketing? (& How Can it Benefit Me?)

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What is Remarketing, & Can it Benefit Me? | Easy2Access Blog

You are more than likely familiar with how digital marketing strategies are critical to your business’s success. At Easy2Access, we cannot understate the importance of your website’s SEO being in tip-top shape for organic search results and how the content needs to be primed for converting visitors to consumers. You might understand how important your social media channels are for engaging and connecting with your target audience and increasing the reach of your brand. However, you may not be quite so familiar with remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

If you’ve used the internet, you will have already experienced remarketing, although you may not have had a name to call it. Remarketing is when digital technology is used to show a business’s ad to people after they have already visited a website or used an app. They pop up on other third-party websites, use social media or a search engine.

Remarketing is a way of reconnecting with visitors to your site who didn’t convert. Depending on your site’s traffic figures, this could potentially be tens of thousands of people per month.


What are the Benefits of Remarketing?

Remarketing is a powerful tool for increasing your business success. Here are five benefits of remarketing:

1. Maximise Your Marketing ROI

When you’ve invested resources in search, content, and social media, you want the highest return on your investment. To maximise the value that you have spent on your digital marketing, why not squeeze as much juice out of it as possible? Visitors have found your website through your digital marketing already, so this is just the next step in the process and will help you to maximise the ROI.

2. Prospects are Already Familiar with Your Brand

If someone has already visited your website, they have already invested time learning about your business and will know about the products and services that you offer. You already know that what you offer is of interest to them, so an ad will not be unwelcome or irrelevant.

3. Boost Brand Recall

The target audience receives on-going reminders of your brand, no matter where they are hanging out online. Whether they interact with the ads or not, the fact that your business is highly visible means that it becomes memorable to the web user. Remarketing is a fantastic way to reinforce the authority and strength of your brand.

4. Boost Conversion Rates

When visitors have been active in the conversion process but have left your website during the checkout process, remarketing can be used to reconnect them to the sales. For example, the display ads can even recall a message from your website, such as items from an abandoned cart, or target leads who have downloaded content from your site.

5. You Can Personalise the Ad

The ability to target a segmented audience with a specific message is powerful and should not be undervalued. A remarketing tag can be used to retarget prospects who conducted specific actions on your website. You are able to speak directly to visitors using relatable terms – you are speaking their language! Behaviour segmentation allows you to send personalised ads rather than generic.


Chat to Easy2Access to Activate the Power of Remarketing for Your Brand

The buying process is emotion-led, and consumers want to purchase from a trustworthy and recognisable brand. Remarketing gives you the opportunity to leverage the power of your current digital marketing strategies and transform your business’ success. Get in touch with us today to discuss a custom implementation strategy for your brand’s needs.