Where can I find the emails caught by the spam filter?

Follow these steps to access your Spam Bucket if you have logged into Webmail:

  1. Browse to the Webmail login page
  2. Log in with your email address and email account password
  3. Select ‘Spam Bucket’ from the left Menu Bar
  4. Here you will find the spam messages caught by the spam filter

You may not yet have a ‘Spam bucket’ folder listed in webmail, this is may be because:

    • The ‘Spam Bucket’ folder is only created once the first spam email is caught by the spam filter for your mailbox. If there is no ‘Spam Bucket’ folder, it means that no spam emails were caught by the filter.
  • You have not subscribed to the ‘Spam Bucket’ folder. You can check this by selecting the cog icon on the bottom left and then selecting ‘Manage folders’, a list of available folders will appear on the screen with relevant tick boxes for each folder.

Should you find something in your spam bucket which is legitimate, you can move emails from the ‘Spam Bucket’ to your ‘Inbox’ folder for normal mail retrieval to your email client.