Why Buy a Domain Name?

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Having your own domain name means that you have registered the name with an accredited registrar, which will reserve and keep track of the domain on your behalf. Easy2Access are, of course, fully capable of delivering this service, as well as a plethora of other web hosting services!

Your domain name has at least two parts: to the left of the dot is specific to you and your business, for example, your name; to the right of the dot is more general, and it could be “com”, “net” or “org”.

Still wondering how buying a domain name can benefit you? We have compiled 4 core reasons to register your domain name of choice, today!

1: Identifiability

Building your small business’s online presence starts right here. Buying a domain name allows customers to begin associating your domain name with your company and leads to increased memorability. Forging a unique online identity starts with a name, and flourishes from there.

Furthermore, your domain name and web hosting solutions will allow you to build a website with the same name in the future, which leads us to the next point…

2: Building a Brand

As a small business, buying a domain name lays the foundations for building your brand. Your online marketing will need to be streamlined and recognisable, and the first step towards this goal is via name recognition. If the name on your physical store, business cards, domain and social media are incongruous, customers may not know who they are dealing with. Securing your online brand and business identity will do well to set you apart from competitors, and lead to quality and success.

3: Accessibility

Your physical store may have trading hours, but your domain name and website need not! Through buying a domain name, and subsequently building a website, you create a space where customers can find out who you are, where you are and what you do, all day and every day.

Additionally, buying a domain name relevant to your business can improve your search engine ranking. This is because your registered domain name informs search engines about what you do, therefore is used as a keyword to direct users to your site, resulting in more clicks and engagement.

4: Credibility

By aligning all the branding material for your small business, and presenting congruous business identities on all platforms, your business becomes much more credible. As we mentioned before, customers want to know who they are dealing with at all times, and this can be achieved by simply buying a domain name and starting your journey towards name recognition.

As far as email is concerned, buying a domain name and making use of effective web hosting services allows you to set up a professional email address. This can assist your marketing exercises as many corporate companies have settings in place that send most emails from generic address straight to the junk folder.

Don’t get left behind in the modern world. Make your mark on cyberspace by buying a domain name and starting your journey, today! Easy2Access offer a wide range of effective web solutions to suit a business of any size! You can contact us with any queries, right here.