Would you buy Fake Facebook Likes?

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21st May 2015
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26th May 2015
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Why would a Company want to buy Fake Facebook likes? Maybe they have just started out and want to obtain likes to indicate that they have an audience for their product or service. There are many dubious companies on the web  advertising that they can provide hundreds or thousands of Facebook likes for a fee.

Perhaps it’s sensible to really think twice about buying fake likes and understand how doing this can tarnish your business reputation.

-Fake Facebook likes are from fake profiles. You will never engage with these people when you post new blogs or info.
– Fake fans do not buy your products or services or share updates.
-You will be violating Facebook’s terms and risk having your Facebook account shut down.
-Fake likes that are generated by software can be detected as Facebook’s filter is extremely advanced . This Filter detects suspicious trends based on suspicious activity on a Facebook account. An example of this is when thousands of accounts like the same pages at the same time everyday.
-Your real fans could notice a huge jump in likes and might recognize how this was achieved. Will they be able to really trust your product or service?
-You could experience a drastic and sudden loss in Facebook fans due to Facebook’s crackdown which is designed to not only find but remove fake likes.

Rather get Real fans and genuine engagement by promoting your online page with informative valuable content that can be shared. Invite your email customers to like your Facebook page. Run offers and contests or even run Facebook ads.
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