Your Competitors are Killing It with These 4 Digital Marketing Hacks

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Your Competitors are Killing It with These 4 Digital Marketing Hacks

Slay the competition using these 4 digital marketing tools

While technology continues to evolve and our horizons expand exponentially year on year, so too must marketing skills and tactics be upgraded to keep up with these ever-changing times. As agencies become savvier and better at gathering data, consumers are becoming inundated with advertising and are getting pickier and pickier about where they focus their attention and spend their hard-earned cash. Yet the goal of marketing and advertising remains the same, that of getting your message out there to as large a relevant audience as possible at the most feasible cost available has changed.

4 Online Marketing Hot-Topics to Keep an Eye on in 2019

With that in mind, it’s vital to be aware of which strategies to fine tune and which to leave in the past, should your business hope to remain successful in 2019 and the future. In no particular order, here are 4 extremely effective digital marketing strategies that you’d be foolish to ignore;

1. Highly-Personalised Email Marketing

Ignore any rumours that you may have heard about email marketing dying out – they’re dead wrong. Email marketing is more effective now than ever before, thanks to the rise of Big Data and the personalised customer journey, but only when planned and implemented correctly. According to, “email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent.” Email marketing campaigns should be purpose-driven and highly specific to a certain user’s needs, triggered by specific consumer behaviours. Make it a priority to create a persona for every conceivable type of user your product or service is intended for and create email sequences to support the journey you intend for them to take in order to reach your organisation’s goals.

2. Omnichannel eCommerce

A big step up from multichannel ecommerce, which refers to multiple retail mediums with their own unique start-to-finish journeys, omnichannel ecommerce is the terms used when retailers combine all of their online and offline ERP and POS activities to provide a seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution on a variety of channels (like their website, Android app and Instagram account, for example). What makes this tactic so powerful is the ability to amalgamate all the data gleaned from these various channels and deliver customised journeys that do not clash with one another, but rather create a holistic, immersive experience for the user.

3. The Rise of Chatbots

Not another passing fad, chatbots have continued to infiltrate the b2c market online, providing users with the customer service support they seek, while driving sales and pushing conversion rates ever higher. Whether you need help sorting and nurturing leads, answering FAQ, or providing clarity on your terms and conditions, bots can relieve the pressure on your customer service, sales and quality departments by being available around-the-clock – when humans aren’t.

Do bear in mind that they cannot replace these functions, they can only enhance them (for now), so forget about setting up your bot and moving swiftly along; you’ll need to constantly monitor and tweak it for optimal results.

4. Thor’s Hammer

So much more than just a talking search engine, Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella term used to refer to machine learning. By providing as many scenarios as possible, programmes can predict user intent based on previous interactions and within a given set of options. The more detailed the data that is fed into the network of machines, the more accurate the predictions and projections it makes are likely to be. Nowadays, users are expected to provide so much data to brands on an ongoing basis that the least they expect is a seamless, customised experience in return.

Leave Your Digital Marketing Woes in Easy2Access’ Capable Hands

In terms of advertising and technology, it is clear that 2019 is a very exciting time to be alive, especially for marketers with a vision for the future. With so many tools at your disposal, there’s never been a better time to stretch your creative muscles and spread your message across a diverse array of platforms.

No matter how solid you think your marketing strategy is, there is always room for improvement – especially when you consider how rapidly things can change and leave you out in the cold. For an in-depth audit and recommendations that are specific to your particular needs, chat to Easy2Access’ dream team of digital marketing specialists and let us help you build your winning strategy today!